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25 Aug 2013 - 21:36106482
Metal Gear Solid 3 - Raikov cosplay for sale
Running out of space, so I need to let this costume go. I'd preferably like to sell it to one of you lot, rather than take it to ebay.

It's in good condition (worn 3 times) and includes everything you see in the photos (although the shoulder belt was just a make-shift waist belt, so wont be included)

For clarification, the costume comprises:

-Decent white wig, (which also doubles as a Dante wig (see profile)
-authentic military coat (actually british)
-authentic soviet cap
-authentic jodhpurs (the trousers, i think were actually ukrainian but it does not differ from the soviet)
riding boots (size UK 10.5/11)
short sleeve army-style shirt
brown tie
-black leather gloves.

(you can have the sunglasses if you wish - although not part of the characters costume)

To get an idea about the sizes, I'm 6 foot tall. If you need more exact measurements, send me a message.

Happy to receive offers. I think I'll set the minimum I'll accept for the whole lot at £40

I'll sell it in 2 weeks (if no bids, I'll just ebay it).
Happy to meet anywhere within zones 1-4 of London or possibly at a con, if I'm going. Or will post it out (£10 delivery cost)

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30 Oct 2013 - 20:08108676
Oh my f**king god. Is it already sold?

24 Oct 2015 - 23:53119206
I highly doubt you are still selling this, but if you haven't sold yet, I would really like to buy it.

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