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23 Aug 2013 - 23:56106405
Wanting custom boots, trousers, coat, balaclava shirt
I will get straight to the point I want to cosplay as a crimson unity snow pirate from lost planet extreme condition, I have someone making the metal parts these consist of the mask, gun and tank/backpack thing plus the straps to go with that.

here is a picture of the guy I want to cosplay as in the link I have many MANY more of him saved to my hard drive. Save the picture of him and take a good look at all the details on his clothing. His hood is pointed upwards like a cone. I want these cosplay clothes to look like clothes and not a costume, by this I mean I want the clothing to look as genuine and realistic as possible compared to the in game characters clothing.

So if you think you have a eye for detail and can make a fur coat, gloves, boots and his balaclava shirt thing then please contact me.
If you are a talented clothes maker and cannot make the fur coat then I can change it to a furless coat, but I really want this to be authentic.
If you have any questions please ask away. I would also like a quote/ price estimate of the total cost of everything plus postage.
Also to save time if you would like to private message me your Skype name then we can communicate through that. If you think you can only make one item then please still message me.

In case you did not know what a inner balaclava shirt is, it s basically a balaclava attached to a shirt it is what this guy is wearing underneath his coat and it goes around his head leaving only spaces for his eyes for the mask to go over.

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