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23 Aug 2013 - 17:18106388
new to the site and new to cosplay

as the title suggests im new here and new to the world of cosplay, however its something I really want to get into , looks so much fun I have a planed costume of Rainbow Dash (hope there are some fello MLP fans on here nothing to complicated to start with so im just looking for tips and advice really (and hopefully make some cosplaying friends along the way

25 Aug 2013 - 05:34106447
Hello! *waves*

There's quite a big My Little Pony cosplay community, ranging from people who wear regular clothes with painted-on cutie marks, all the way up to people who construct furry quad-suits.

As a newbie I'd advise looking online and reading a few beginner guides. But if you just want to jump right in, that's cool too. Although bear in mind, you'll get better answers to specific questions (like how do I colour a wig for Rainbow Dash?) than vague ones requiring an essay in reply (like how do I make a Celestia costum from scratch?)


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