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22 Aug 2013 - 00:04106340
How about Captain Britain?
So, Having looked around there are a lot of ww2 Captain America's, so I'm thinking of doing a ww2 Captain Britain. Not seen any if them yet.

Still trying to figure out the best way, do I keep it traditional and true to the comics, or do I do what Hollywood did to CA?m

22 Aug 2013 - 00:11106341
For the record, this is Captain Britain when he was Brian Braddock

22 Aug 2013 - 07:08106347
I'd go with the bold comic-book style personally. I don't think he's got the brand recognition that Cap America's has. (And lets forget the original Lion logo outfit )

If its for an event far enough in the future, you could ask around and see if you can get an Excalibur group. That would be awesome

22 Aug 2013 - 08:47106348
My worry would be I'm not built enough for the tight costume! Haha. I weigh 20lbs less than Brian Braddock did.

I do like the original red costume, but prefer the one pictured. As for time scale I've not really got a time in mind, it'll just be when it is ready.

22 Aug 2013 - 16:45106364
Ok, found a good picture for the basis of the costume, although going to do a bit of my own interpretation:

Anyone got any tips on a good starter for the top? Thinking some sort of cycling too may be an option, but from the pictures I've seen the neck and chin piece are all part of the top...

22 Aug 2013 - 19:20106366
Just yes. Yes.

22 Aug 2013 - 19:29106367
I know of 2 Captain Britans to my memory in fact we have a fantastic one in the UK called Laban Boldero of 4th wall designs he sells the mask if memory serves!


I know of a chap who does the custom printed Jack tunic for the top half of the costume which looks superb!

I say go for it! he is a great character and very underrated ^^


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22 Aug 2013 - 20:21106368
Although that is great, it's a bit too perfect. Also, I want to incorporate a helmet into the mask so it's a single piece.

I also want to keep a lot of it as was issued to soldiers in WW2, so will wear issue boots and gaiters with trousers that blouse over a little. As for webbing I'm thinking an issue belt with drop leg holster for a pistol and a few ammo pouches, to look like the picture above.

22 Aug 2013 - 20:39106369
I have also been toying with the idea of a slightly shorter maternity style jacket in the Captain Britain colours. Those jackets were worn by pilots in WW1 and I just think looks like a very British uniform item. Not sure if it would work...

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