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24 Oct 2007 - 23:57573
MCM London October Photo Request
Any photos from MCM London? Still trying to find some of me on Sunday (I was a pre-timeskip Naruto). Oh yeah,did anyone else see the angry dude around the costa area thingy? He glared at the cosplayers so much!

26 Oct 2007 - 22:46617
Afraid I don't have any photos of you, but that man... oh my word. Yep, I think I saw him. I was ONLY there on Saturday though, but there was a man around Costa for quite a while who just looked at cosplayers going past as if he owned the place, and they were trespassing or something.

26 Oct 2007 - 22:49618

Here are my pics from both days... They're in reverse order (my fault XD) so sunday pics are early on. Not sure whether I got any of you or not though =/

26 Oct 2007 - 23:07619
Cool photos! =D

I'm not normally a camera whore...I swear! ^_^;;
But I've only found one tiny picture of me as Ed at the London Expo and wondered if anyone else had any pictures that I could put up on my costume page?
Thankies SO much if anyone does!

I was the smaaaaall~ Ed on Saturday, the one with the automail hand and the antenna. XD Then on Sunday I was Lavi from D Gray man, but I'm not as desperate for pictures of him. ^_<

31 Oct 2007 - 03:41697

Here are my photos from the weekend...warning there are quite a few...enjoy guys

27 Nov 2007 - 15:031199
Hey was wondering if anyone had any pics of me from the expo as i havent been able to find any anywhere and i had my pic taken a few times..
i dont have hardly any pics of my outfit as my camera broke >.<


06 Dec 2007 - 11:231254

These are my photos. Most of them are from Sunday because I was there all day. But a lot of Domo Adventure are form Saturday annnd... then there's the masqurade of Sunday too.

29 Apr 2008 - 20:242589
Wanna Talk To A Camera
I'm a documentarian looking for someone to talk to my camera about the art of cosplay (and possibly follow around). I'm originally from Canada and know a lot of people there in the community but here in London I don't know anyone. I've been to plenty of comic cons and absolutely am in awe of the creative process in creating these elaborate costumes. If you would like to be be in a documentary (professional not home video) please contact me ASAP. Thanks.

26 May 2008 - 17:013037
I was one of the Rabi-En-Rose's/Usada's on Saturday. If anyone has a pic I'd be mucho grats

Only took a few pics, if I find some good ones I'll put them up later xx

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