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01 Jul 2009 - 01:3516574
haha!i love this thread!ok heres some of mine but theyre not half as good as some of the others!

me trying on my soi fon wig when it first arrived before i had styled it

trying on my demon ears for my kougaiji cosplay!

and again!

while making fem TMNT costumes!thats our Donatello wearing Shredders hat!

and finally im sure weve all been here, desperately working on my friends Ichigo cosplay from tokyo mew mew at 4am in the morning when we had to get the coach to expo at 7am!lol!

that was may expo 08!ahhh the memories!post more pics i want to see more!

Thinking nefarious thoughts...
01 Jul 2009 - 15:5916587
My family think its great to take many photos of my "strange" costumes. So have a few of my photos. ^^

The making of mario for CIN09

Mm. Mustash.

When we fall asleep in cars.

Im also currently hunting out the photos from sakuya. so i'll post some of them later! 8D once i find them.

05 Jul 2009 - 18:5516740
My friend was making a top hat for his next cosplay and I decided to try it on...

Didn't really fit me.

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