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17 Aug 2013 - 21:42106146
Boiler suit fabric?
I'm gonna have to make a vault suit from Fallout from scratch because regular boiler suits are the wrong shape, but is there any material that matches boiler suit material fairly closely? Google isn't cooperating for me here.

18 Aug 2013 - 00:16106149
a quick google tells me boiler suits are generally made of a thicker cotton / polycotton, so that'd probably be your best bet

18 Aug 2013 - 19:48106178
I don't know how to link on this, but I started a thread in this section a few days ago and someone on the forum posted some material that looked pretty spot on. I shall endeavour to find the thread but I apologise for my complete uselessness.

19 Aug 2013 - 07:18106192
Found the post!

I'm going to be making a vault 101 suit in the future and I spent a fair amount of time sourcing a fabric that wasn't too thick, not too thin had a slight stretch, a texture similar to denim and that would pick up chalk and paint etc for the weathering and dirtying.

I found this:


I have a sample of it and it's a tad darker than the image shows (due to camera flash)

I plan to use this pattern:


But heavily modified, since I'm female and making the female suit, it requires a lot of tweaking to get the seam lines right and to fit it since the female suit is more fitted than the male.

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