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17 Aug 2013 - 20:39106142
Noob Alert!
Hey everyone
Richy here im a 100% noob to cosplay, never done it in my life.
one of my good friends did it recently and showed me the pictures that were took and it looked a lot of fun so i thought why not give it a try
I'm also a big fan of forums so i thought why not come here as well

18 Aug 2013 - 16:50106171
Hello! Welcome aboard! Cosplay *is* lots of fun, so jump in. The water's lovely

26 Aug 2013 - 21:37106564
Thanks for the welcome pandora
I could do with a point in the right direction please
As I don't know where to start and have no experience in this

26 Aug 2013 - 22:01106570
That's kind of a big question!

I really suggest typing "beginners guide to cosplay" into your favourite search engine, and looking through them until you find one or more you like.

There are so many options depending on your budget, what skills you have, what facilities you have near you, how much time you have to spare, where you plan to wear your costumes, etc etc.

I suppose one of the first steps is making a list of characters you like (or whose costume you like). Once you have a few people on your list you can find out if their costumes can be bought, or whether making them are within your skills.

27 Aug 2013 - 06:20106578
Try this thread for hints and tips! The wig sellers I recommended aren't around anymore so I use coscraft now.


27 Aug 2013 - 17:14106600
Thank you both for your advice/help

I don't think I will be making anything anytime soon as my creative/arty abilities is some what of a 2 year old standard xD
And I have a favourite character but have struggled to find any good outfits for sale, so I'm abit stuck there :/

Also thiss my be a silly question but what actually happens at a cosplay event?
And where can I find events near me?


27 Aug 2013 - 22:16106607
Well, tbh at most events the cosplay is usually a side thing to other things that are happening. Like at a regular convention, for example, there will be many attendees there because they like the subject matter of the convention e.g. sci fi, anime or whatevs, and they don't wear cosplay. There will be a proportion of attendees who do cosplay, and they can show off their costume within the convention as a floor costume (i.e. they walk around the event wearing their cosplay but aren't competing or masquerading in it), or they can choose to show their costume off on stage by entering the masquerade, which is like a catwalk/parade depending on the event (not all events will have a masquerade but most do these days), or they can choose to have their costume judged in a competition for craftsmanship, accuracy and characterisation. You can only compete if you've made your costume entirely yourself (excepting dumb things like boots or gloves), and usually most events will only let you in the masquerade if you've made your costume yourself also (rules used to be a lot more lax but many more people are wanting to enter these days so they've had to restrict it more). But there are some events like MCM Expo that will let you enter the masquerade in a bought costume if you're doing something like a performance.

So basically, while you're just starting out and you're not making things yourself, just rock up to the event of your choice in your cosplay and have fun! It's when you're doing a floor costume that you get to meet the most people As you get more experienced you can try the masquerade once you've started making your own stuff - it's an exhilarating experience

You're in Brum so you have Kitacon and Birmingham MCM ComicCon to choose from. Have a Google for those to get dates and reg info.

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28 Aug 2013 - 20:40106627
Thank you very much, you answered my question perfectly
i shall look up them events and hopefully i will make it to one as long as i get a costume sorted


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