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17 Aug 2013 - 17:50106136
Ariel Urgently Needed

I realise this is a bit of a long shot but would anyone be able to commission an Ariel costum to fit a petite under 5 ft size 6-8 uk sizing please?

Basic measurements 34A Bust, 26-28 inch waist, & 34 inch hips

Desperately need a back-up cosplay for Cardiff Film and Comic Con on Aug 31st just in case my Daenerys commission falls through or can't get done in time.

Any version of Ariel's costume will be great as long as it fits and can get to me in time.

Possibly need a wig and Flounder and Sebastian Plushies too.

Asked if anyone already has one for sale but no responses as yet so checking out my commissioning possibilities.

UK based only please due to the tight timescale and shipping costs.

If anyone can help me out please PM me ASAP with price quotes.

Thanks so much,


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