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09 Mar 2009 - 04:3011497
heavy cotton Webbing
hi guys im kind of stuck im trying to find some webbing the heavy cotton stuff they use for belts in royal blue, not the fin polypropylene or nilon stuff

if anyone has anyidea where i can get this from it would be such a grate help to me as i need it for minami con.

09 Mar 2009 - 08:2211498
What's it for? I'm not too sure what you want exactly but if I see the costume I may be able to help. If it's a secret costume just PM me. I promise no one else will be told!


11 Mar 2009 - 00:3711556
I kinda knew what you meant but wasn't sure they did that stuff in cotton!

Uncle Google tells me that it does exist then I thought of the number of skate belts I used to own! It comes under upholstery so a fabric shop or craft shop may be the wrong place to look! If you're struggling with the colour, could you not but some white webbing and dye it, seeing as you're after cotton? That's my solution for everything at the moment!

It seems widely available on the internet, so maybe you could have a look for the colour you want! I found a couple of white ones on ebay, assuming its a belt you want! The buckles are easy enough to take off!



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