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15 Aug 2013 - 23:38106094
How do Hair?
I'm going to be doing an Ash Williams cosplay, I need some help getting his hair do down. Both for cosplay and personal uses.

Im not 100% sure that those URLs are gonna work. If they don't then I got nothing because mobile is dumb. If they do, sorry only one of the images is an actual photo as opposed to a drawing. The drawing portray the hair in better light than any photos from the movies do.

17 Aug 2013 - 01:40106115
If you're good at cutting or using a hair razor (or you can find a hairdresser that will cut a synthetic wig) then maybe get a Cady from Arda-Wigs:


If not, then the Marty would be perfect if it wasn't so short. (On the plus side, the Marty won't need any cutting work, just styling)


(Although on second thought maybe the Marty will be fine..)

Either way, go for a lace-front wig. You can find them cheaply on ebay if you look hard enough (I found one for £26 inc shipping), but the quality from ebay can be touch and go. Lace front wigs aren't stupidly expensive anymore, and they save out lots of work (Hours to days), and look more realistic. You need gum strips though, although liquid spirit gum is what's used by professionals, and you can pick it up also quite low priced even from a halloween costume shop. (it's messier and harder to deal with, though)

If I ever do a character with an exposed hairline I will always buy a lace-front wig now because it's really not worth the hassle of fighting a wig just to make it sit nicely on your forehead, and you can recycle them endlessly. Less trouble and better results. They're also not too much more expensive if you look hard enough.

As for styling, there's some got 2 be glued in a vibrant yellow hairspray can


This is the only got2be that I use because the others (Gel, specifically) have no place on anyone's /hair/ let alone a wig. Don't forget the use of standard hairspray, too. got2be for styling and shape, standard hairspray and a nail brush to create smooth shapes (No stray/sticking up hairs)

But let us know how it goes! * v *)b

17 Sep 2013 - 13:11107281
Well I was thinking more about just styling my own hair that way, like I said I am trying to grow it out. I'm just trying to figure out how I would grow my hair out to that point and when I did, how would I style it? Ya know

17 Sep 2013 - 13:36107282
Ignoring the broken links, a quick image search of Ash suggests he just slicks it back with gel (or more likely blood and sweat, but that's veering dangerously into The Method )

Just grow your hair out a bit, and look into wet-look gels. Mess it up a bit once you've brushed it, and smooth it down just with your hand.


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