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15 Aug 2013 - 12:10106070
Help! Looking for a left-handed or ambidextrous gaming mouse.
I'm looking for a gaming mouse for my boyfriend for his birthday.

But he's left handed xD

I've been looking all over for a mouse and i keep finding ones i'm interested in but it would be nice to hear you guys opinions lol.

My boyfriend studies video game design and he's currently loving Dota 2.

I did find a Dota 2 mouse but its out of stock everywhere i look!

Also if the mouse could glow red that would be a bonus xD

Thank You!

16 Aug 2013 - 12:06106099
Okay, blue may not be as red as... well, red, but Razer have actually released a left-handed version of their DeathAdder mouse. It's somewhat pricey - as gaming mice often are - but it might be worth a look?

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