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08 Mar 2009 - 18:3611476
Fake Tattoos
This is for my current project.

Claus here has quite a few markings on his body. I'm not to sure about body paint as I haven't got any one to apply it. Also this is for Expo and as I live in London I"d be home pretty late I don't want it all over my bed sheets. I thought I'd might try to make something like those arm socks with tattoo art printed on them. What would be a good material to make these out of? How should I do it?


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08 Mar 2009 - 19:2511478
Well, I used body paint for my Tattoos on Kamina. Takuro/Nia did a great job with some special theatrical body makeup.

If you don't want bodypaint then I did see a cool tutorial recently.

Get yourself a skin coloured (or white and then painted) bodysuit (get it as tight as possible). You can find them on Ebay just be careful who you buy it from, I ordered a black one and it took 4 months and a heck of a lot of hassle to get it off them.

You can then "airbrush" muscles or tattoos on to it. I've seen hobby shops sell airbrushing kits which would be quite good.

Body paint is the easiest though, a long shower and some good shower gel/body wash can take most of it off and I'm sure a friend can help apply it.

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13 Mar 2009 - 15:0511693
I would go for body paint as well... To me it just looks a lot better than even very well made bodysuits.

13 Mar 2009 - 18:1711704
Well i think Mark's covered most of your options there.

The ones in that picture look like henna tribal tattoos to me; which you can find stick-on ones fairly easily. They also wont smuge on your bed sheets, and should come off after one wash as long as you use a nail brush.

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