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27 Aug 2013 - 09:50106583
Depending on the cosplay, I start by gathering references then breaking down a cosplay into parts. Then I fabric research and buy while looking for a wig (or going pros vs cons of using my hair if its someone like Loki).

Making I usually start on the main piece of the cosplay, so the piece that stands out the most of the first layer you'll see. With Loki it was his coat, Clopin his tunic, Undertaker his over coat.
After that, I usually work easy to hardest, since once you've got a key piece complete its easier to build around it as that key piece could be the hardest part to make.

Things like shoes and accessories unless specific items I need to source or make.

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27 Aug 2013 - 12:24106586
ALL the research: starting with references, both the original source(s) and usually a lot of other cosplayers, any tutorials they may have done, fabric options, prop materials and drawing up a rough budget. My reference and planning folders on my pc for a cosplay are horrifically huge XD

On actually starting it though? Whatever I feel is the hardest, most expensive or time consuming part first. If I can't make that, then I haven't wasted a load of time and money making the rest of it =) If I need to try a new technique (pretty much every cosplay ATM given I haven't made much in a few years), then I start with experiments with that on a small scale before ordering everything.

I approach costume making in an engineering kind of way, which for something inherently creative is maybe a little weird.

27 Aug 2013 - 12:26106588
I always buy the wig and shoes first. The wig because it usually takes longer to ship and the shoes because I'm picky with my footwear. Then I buy the main fabric. I usually attempt to get this in bulk as it is often cheaper and it doesnt matter when I inevitably screw things up. 10m rolls of fabric FTW!

With the actual making process I start on the main body first, this is usually a jacket of some sort. After that it is a free for all of what I deem to be most vital to the costume. Props and such are left dead last and usually forgotten. >_<;;

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09 Sep 2013 - 22:11107017
Cosplayers here seem quite systematic!

Zelvyne, Rynozerus and Manticore: starting on the hardest parts of the costume makes perfect sense. I admire your motivation, because the most difficult tasks are the most daunting!

Coulvre and Hot Beef Injection: I never thought of starting the most iconic and eye-catching bit first. Do you do it because that's the part that you've got to make really well, or because that's the job that motivates you?


Another question - what bit of making a costume puts you off and gets left until last??

For me, it's usually wigs and hair. Wig fibre gets everywhere and it's so messy. I hate wigs!

09 Sep 2013 - 22:26107018
Quote Kei Lin Sama:

Another question - what bit of making a costume puts you off and gets left until last??

For me, it's usually wigs and hair. Wig fibre gets everywhere and it's so messy. I hate wigs!

For me it will be any finishing touches to sewing, like buttons. As they require no drying time or massive table space, I can do them at anytime. Even at the convention (something which I always try and avoid).

26 Sep 2013 - 16:47107599
I always end up buying the wig first XD then shoes, then I get the costume itself sorted!

I also leave little sewing jobs til last because if you are pushed for time these can be picked up anywhere before the event!


26 Sep 2013 - 17:02107601
Normally I'll do some research like finding fabrics, wigs, best suppliers, refrance pictures ect... then I would draw up concepts on how X part will be made, how I'm styleing this wig ect...

when it comes to making cosplays I would normally choose the most "Important" Part which varys from cosplay to cosplay. When I do fursuits I normally start with the bodysuits to help get correct proportions however when it comes to something more human I figure out the most important parts (the bits I cant buy locally) then order it in priority.

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