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13 Aug 2013 - 08:16105986
Costume ideas
I am considering two costumes at the minute.

The first is Captain America, but the film version on the first mission. The good thing with this is that most of the uniform is standard WW2 uniform, so I have the correct boots, trousers, gaiters, gloves and webbing. I would need to spray up the helmet, find a shirt made of the correct material and source the correct goggles. The only hard part will be making the shield.

Second idea is a generic vault dweller/wasteland warrior from fallout. Problem with this is making everything from scratch and as a first costume I'm not sure how confident I feel.

Saying that, I've read some of the threads on here and my mind is blown.

I'm keen to get the costumes as correct as possible, also would like some feedback on the costume choices. What do people think?

13 Aug 2013 - 09:26105987
There were quite a few Caps at May Expo, but it's still a good choice. Movie Cap is cool, and you'll get a lot of attention.

Vault Dweller is a tad more obscure, but the Fallout fans will love you.

Things to bear in mind:
-Which one do you like more?
-Which one do you think will be more fun playing at?
-How much time do you have?

The lasy one is because even the most complex costumes are possible if you take your time. But if you're racing to get it ready for an event, maybe the easier one is a better choice for now? You can always work on the Vault dude as a long term project.

13 Aug 2013 - 21:38106004
The Vault dweller wouldn’t need to be made completely from scratch – you can make the majority of the costume from a blue boiler suit and then just add a yellow trim and numbers on the back. Add some suitable weathering effects (I hear that rubbing the fabric lightly with sandpaper can be effective for this) and you have most of your costume already. The tricky part will be making the accessories and Pip-Boy but if you already do military re-enacting you might already have some suitable belts and pouches. Remember that all the equipment in fallout is scavenged anyway so you would not have to worry about matching the reference pictures exactly.

13 Aug 2013 - 22:02106005
The problem is the pictures I've seen of the modified boiler suits don't seem quite right. It may be a case of 'weathering' the material, but the vault dweller suits seem to be a lighter colour than most boiler suits, plus the material seems a little thicker. I'll probably go the boiler suit route, but extensive modification.

The accessories will be scavenged from my ww2 collection, although I'm going to have to build the shoulder armour, which will be... Fun. Haha.

Out of interest, are there a written list of Cosplay etiquette anywhere?? Haha

13 Aug 2013 - 23:09106008
I'm going to be making a vault 101 suit in the future and I spent a fair amount of time sourcing a fabric that wasn't too thick, not too thin had a slight stretch, a texture similar to denim and that would pick up chalk and paint etc for the weathering and dirtying.

I found this:


I have a sample of it and it's a tad darker than the image shows (due to camera flash)

I plan to use this pattern:


But heavily modified, since I'm female and making the female suit, it requires a lot of tweaking to get the seam lines right and to fit it since the female suit is more fitted than the male.

14 Aug 2013 - 08:59106017
That material does look better. Now I've just got to learn to make the jumpsuit, I trust myself more with the metalwork! Haha.

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