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06 Mar 2009 - 20:2511425
Wig bleaching?
Hokay, so

I'm getting a long pink wig but parts of the bangs need to be blue, how would one go about changing the colour? My first thought was regular hair bleach and then blue dye but I don't know what the chemicals would do to the wig :/ would painting/spraying the other colour over it work just as well or not? I don't want parts of the wig to go too stiff.

Anyone tried this before?

Oh for reference, the character's hair looks like this (girl on the left). I need to do both but for now I'm just focusing on one of them.

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06 Mar 2009 - 20:3311426
what about adding blue hair wefts instead? i got tutorial on it about how to add to a fringe such

ok yeh it's in Japanese :/ but it might help if you end up wanting to use wefts!

i don't personally know if it is possible to dye the pink wig to get the blue, as when i sharpied my pink wig it turned a weird purple colour when it was meant to be green :/

06 Mar 2009 - 20:4111427
See, I thought about using wefts from the blue wig to use on the pink wig, and vice versa since they're basically opposites. I'd be worried to cut too much off or sew it wrong or something though >_<

I may log that away for later use though, thanks, do you have that image any bigger? ^^

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06 Mar 2009 - 21:2211429
Hi! There are really two ways you could go about this. I've 'dyed' wigs before as I commission them and some have to be certain colours, so here are some notes:
1) Bleach will either destroy the fibres or will not have any effect. Wigs are basically made of a plastic-like fibre, and bleach doesn't turn plastic white. I've never been able to discharge the colour from a wig if the colour already existed, but I'm experimenting with ways all the time so I'll let you know if something actually works!
2) Normal hair dye works with the natural oils/chemistry and construction of your hair. It might be able to 'stain' a wig, but it likely wouldn't work otherwise.
3) Any spray-in hair dye or streak-in will make it seem stiff. This is because you're basically painting on top of the hair and it will stick together, instead of coating each strand individually. If you did it a couple layers at a time with a bristle-brush combing in between (I know, this is bad for wigs but it's the only brush I could think of that would seperate the clunmps), then it might work but it might be a bit flaky and bitty.
4) You can buy proper wig dyes! Have you tried looking into them to see if you can get the ones in the right colour?
5) If you colour over the pink with anything in blue it's most likely you'll get a purple.
6) I would suggest sewing wefts into the wig- that would be the easiest way of doing it! It's really very simple to do, and you can buy (albeit expensively) wefts that are on clips to clip into your hair, so you can put them in the wig and if you don't like where they are you can move them about until you get it right!

That's about all I can think of for the moment, I'll add to this if I think of anything else!

xx Tetra xx
06 Mar 2009 - 22:0011430
Thankies ^^ I'll have to look up those wig dyes...
Thankfully I'm not making those cosplays until Ayacon so I have some time to experiment

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06 Mar 2009 - 22:1111431
There’s plenty info on different methods of dyeing wigs here:

I’d say use a blue permanent marker to colour in that section of the wig. The thing to remember is that any colouring you do is affected by the original colour of the wig. So the blue might not be so vivid due to the effect of the pink underneath. If you’re prepared to I think it would be better to sew in wefts to get guaranteed bright blue. Certainly when it comes to putting the pink into the blue wig, wefts are your only option

Info on making and adding in wefts is here: http://cosplayisland.co.uk/tutorials/wigs/wefts
and sounds like you’d be fine using hair from the other wig. You could even just snip out a weft from the wig to use, which would save you making a weft

07 Mar 2009 - 00:0311433
Quote angel aiko:
what about adding blue hair wefts instead?
I'd ditto this as it being your best option. I attempted to do a colour swatch to show what it would look like if you used a marker or dye.

As you can see its outcome depends on the colour you start with.

If you are afraid to cut up wigs you can buy from pretty much anywhere good quality hair extension with clips already attatched so you wouldn't even need to do any sewing! Check out hair shops/african beauty shops/alt shops etc. I found a (quite expensive) place here (click!) for you to check out! I hope it helps. ^^

07 Mar 2009 - 01:0611436
Ooh those links are really useful, thanks ^^

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