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06 Aug 2013 - 21:20105764
Help with LED's
I have zero experience working with LED's, circuits and the like and I was hoping to put together this costume for Halloween (or maybe Aya if it can be done in time.)

Bigger pic here

I have everything except for the light mouthpiece, would this be possible for a beginner? I can see it leads out of his mouth probably to a battery pack of some kind hidden in the collar, could anyone give me any ideas or tips on how to go about doing this?

Alternatively if anyone does commissions for this kind of thing I may be interested depending on price


06 Aug 2013 - 22:10105767
Have you thought about using something like this?

07 Aug 2013 - 07:49105771

Yeah they were the first things I found, unfortunately you can't open your mouth with it in, you have to bite down to turn it on and It seems they only come in multicolour not plain white

Thanks anyway!

07 Aug 2013 - 13:29105782
You could always swap the led on those mouthpieces with white, if you can get inside the unit.

Building one yourself, the led side would be easy, it's just finding. A clear medium to hold it in would be the tough part

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