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06 Aug 2013 - 01:28105725
A question about fabrics or dying
(I did post this also on cosplay.com, but you know, nets, casting, fish, etc.)

Me and a friend will be cosplaying Beyfantasy Boris and Yuriy at the end of September, and everything's going great so far, with the exception of finding a suitable fabric for Boris's turtleneck.

The criteria for 'suitable' is the depth/chunkiness of the ribs, and the colour. Whilst I found a material which is great, the colour is just a little off..

So my question: If I use iDye Poly on the material I found (which is 100% acrylic), will I be able to get the correct colour that I'm hoping for?

Please understand, I know that acrylic dying is a PITA/harder than regular dying, however I don't need a darker colour, simply the brown fabric I was going to use to have more purple tones. (Not lightening either)

Maybe if I show photos, na?

The Costume Reference

The Fabric

(Here is the eBay link, just in case someone thinks there is a better colour to use.)

Whilst I understand the colour is quite close, if I were to use it, it would really bother me.

Unless... someone knows of a chunky ribbed jersey fabric that matches the colour perfectly? Because if you do I will love you forever~

07 Aug 2013 - 21:24105817
In terms of whether the dye will work in giving it purple tones, I don't see why not! Kudos for thinking to get polyester dye and not Dylon for cottons XD not everyone thinks of that (MYSELF INCLUDED OTL)

Bear in mind if you get a darker purple colour you will have to dilute it to make sure it doesn't make it darker. Using a lilac or lavender shade should be fine as you're merely tinting the fabric rather than making it a completely different colour altogether

Good luck, I'm excited to see the final result!

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