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05 Mar 2009 - 20:2311397
Street Fighter IV
anyone considering cosplaying a character from the Street Fighter series?
If so, who and when?

Soonishly, I will be cosplaying Crimson Viper from IV.

06 Mar 2009 - 10:5111404
we have a street fighter group for this minami on the sunday if you wanna take part ? also we will have one at october expo and maybe one at ayacon, and i already have my dan hibiki so if you ever want a shoot of you kicking my arse dont hesitate to ask

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08 Mar 2009 - 18:3111475
won't be able to join in before the october expo, but sure! sounds like fun
I'm surprised there aren't more SFIV cosplays in the making...

12 Mar 2009 - 00:5811583
getting a sf group together for october expo on the saturday 2nd half. So far we have

M bison
chun li
dan hibiki
and possibly fei long

We give thanks to this tasy meal.

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12 Mar 2009 - 08:5511589
cooll we got one aswell we have a
and a chun li we need to team up

12 Mar 2009 - 10:4811592
Not sure when but we have people in hull who really want to do a cosplay

My friend joe wants to do dan hibiki and my gf is doing chun li *fables on here* and im not sure who i would do O_o im not entirely sure who i could best pull off.

answers on a postcard LOL

14 Mar 2009 - 08:4011731
could do any one you wish really oh if shes doing chun li she should have a go at the chun li competition

14 Mar 2009 - 08:5711732
I'm hopefully cosplaying Chun-Li at May Expo. Not sure which day though ^^;

16 Mar 2009 - 15:3711804
awesome enter mine and ben haynes comp

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