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04 Aug 2013 - 17:46105674
Cosplayers in the northwest of England
Hi are their any cosplayers in the north west of England near manchester and Liverpool ages 12-17 if so I really wanna meet up and form a cosplay group and be friends make vids and have fun photo shoots and go to cons!

05 Aug 2013 - 21:51105719
Hello ^.^

I live in NW England, and I'm 17 years old. Are you still considering forming a group?

06 Aug 2013 - 08:13105733
I am new to cosplay and am looking to form/join a group to meet up and chat and discuss cosplay, have a laugh and as an amateur photographer, take some pictures.

I know I am of the older age (43) for cosplay, but, I am a genuine, honest guy, I am NOT a single weirdo who can be a risk to young girls.
This is why I have suggested a public location for a Manchester Meet for people's security.

If people are interested, let me know.

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08 Aug 2013 - 17:07105843
Hi hi yup I still want to form the group but my friends think that cosplay is stupid and I'm only 12 so on the sites i go to the tell me that I'm to young and right now I need more people but most cosplayers are older than me so I'll need help

If y'all r interested to work with a 12 year old (nearly 13.... On November) contact me onn

08 Aug 2013 - 17:29105844
I live in the NorthWest, Manchester is 40 minutes away from me by train. However i'm 22 but i don't come across an adult figure ha

Instagram - cowiee
MAL - glittlergalaxy

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10 Aug 2013 - 09:51105898
If I organised a meetup in Manchester, it would be open to all ages and everyone who wanted to come along.

I would suggest a non costume meet though, people could bring pictures of their cosplay persona's, the reason I say this is because I don't think it would be a good idea to meet up in manchester city center dressed up unless it was a convention.

This would just be an opportunity for people who all love cosplay/scifi/fantasy to meet up and chat to other like minded individuals.

If this still sounds like a good idea, let me know.

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12 Aug 2013 - 15:31105968
^ I think that's possibly a good idea, especially for an initial meet. When going to Mancstercon (which was quite a small event), there were plenty of strange looks whilst walking through the streets (with no fellow cosplayers around) in magical girl clothing ;'

I'd love to have an in-costume meet-up at some point though. I have a feeling there is a Hetalia group on facebook who do hetalian cosplay meet-ups.. think we need to do a bit more recruiting first though.

12 Aug 2013 - 18:58105971
I'm in the Northwest, but Cumbria :> 2 Hrs from Manchester xD But Its doable as a day trip thing still~ (:

17 Aug 2013 - 07:15106118
I'm 15 and Live in the manchester area? I'd love to go to a meetup, cosplay or not.

17 Aug 2013 - 17:58106137
Hi, i live in Bolton so im like a 30 minute train journey away from Manchester. May I suggest a better place to hold a meetup would be sackville gardens? Piccadilly can get very crowded on a Saturday (which is the day im taking it would be held).

Sackville gardens is pretty much next to China Town, so its quieter than the main hustle and bustle of the city centre.
Just an idea

17 Aug 2013 - 20:02106139
Sackville Gardens would be fine, I could get something sorted if everyone is happy to go ahead with this, I will try and organise it for a Saturday with good weather as we don't want to be sat in Sackville Gardens getting drenched.

So, if anyone wants to meet up, please state that your interested, if enough show interest, I shall get it arranged.

Watch this space.

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17 Aug 2013 - 21:27106145
I'd also be intrested in a meet up, I'm 25, it would be nice to meet people who, may not be my age, are mature cosplayers.

19 Aug 2013 - 08:47106194
Seeing as it looks like there are people who do want a meet in Manchester, can interested parties send me a PM, that way I know how many to expect and I can pass the details onto those who are genuinely interested.

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19 Aug 2013 - 11:34106204
I'm a cosplayer I'm Birmingham >_< not too far. I'm 15 in October and
I'm going to the MCM London. I'm also looking for as friends to have a cosplay group too. I'm currently cosplay Black butler but I'm interested ^w^

20 Aug 2013 - 22:41106282
I'm in Chester (an hours train journey from manchester!) and I'd be interested in a meet up, but I am 25 hahaha. :'D

21 Aug 2013 - 23:45106339

I'm not a cosplayer but I live in the North West and love anime and Sci/fi shtuffs I really want to do some shoots of people in their costumes, so if anyone is interested give me a message

I live in the Chorley area and I'm 22
(just as a little background check )

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