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30 Jul 2013 - 19:19105478
Wanted: Utena outfit
I know this is entirely overoptimistic, but don't ask don't know &c. Nine Worlds in a week and a half is to be my first proper geeky con, and I'd like to cosplay -- and as I've waist length pink hair, Utena is the obvious option.

So yes - the optimistic question here is whether, being a pretty popular cosplay option, anyone has an outfit to sell, or less likely, can make one in such a short time frame without totally breaking the bank. I'm 5'9, size 12-14, with the 14 being largely because I have pretty broad shoulders.


11 Aug 2014 - 18:40115154
Hi there, did you manage to find an outfit? I was at Nineworlds too (Gamora on Saturday, blissfully paint-free the rest of the weekend) and I think I might have seen you around, or at least someone with long pink hair

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