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30 Jul 2013 - 18:50105477
Photography Panels at Ayacon 2013
Hi guys,

There are some photography panels running at Aya this year - here's a little detail on the two that I'm running, which are on the Friday and early Saturday so you can make use of the tips over the weekend!

Posing Principles for Budding Cosplay Photographers
FRIDAY 1-2pm, Studio

This is aimed at people who are just getting into cosplay photography. Sometimes the cosplayers you approach for a photograph may not be sure of the best way to pose, or have a pose in mind that works in their head but doesn't look so great on camera. Myself and Redkun from Cosplay Snap will go over posing dos and don'ts, from props and body angles through to the rule of thirds, so that you can pose the cosplayers you're photographing with greater confidence.

Photography Mechanics
Saturday, 10-11am, Cosplay HQ

This is aimed at people who own a dSLR but would like to do more with it than point and shoot. If you've ever been let down by your camera's automatic settings, use your camera on green mode or just want to learn a bit more about the principles of shutter speed, aperture width, ISO and depth of field, then this panel is for you! I can talk a little about purchasing lenses and manual focus too, if people are interested in that.

I have been informed that there is another panel on the topic of outdoor photoshoots too, I'm yet to contact the person running that but I will make sure to cover a little bit about changing lighting conditions in my Photography Mechanics panel to tie in with that

Hope to see some of you there!

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