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09 Apr 2009 - 02:5912637

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15 Apr 2009 - 02:1312863
Quote sonia_leong:
You already know my thoughts on this, sweetie! ^^ Height can be useful/bonus consideration if accurate, but certainly should not be the be-all/end-all. There are subtle things that can be done to help a little (heel lifts etc.) but no need to reach for the silly platforms if they're innaccurate. Definitely accuracy and quality are the priority, in my opinion - height can easily be worked around.

Thanks ever so much hun XXX

Yes, I have put my height woes behind me as I had such an epic time as artbook Abel Nighroad and his Crusnik version at Minamicon. I think if I had been any taller I wouldn't of gotten into the cab with my Crusnik hair (yes, folks, that was my own hair). I did end up breaking some of the hair off in the cab as I had to bend down to get into it and caught some it on the door. So I now have these weird short bits at the top. I just think if I had been any taller how much hair could I have lost!!!

I'll be chilbi Safer Sephiroth soon. That will mighty mouse power!

16 Apr 2009 - 10:2712922
i think generally too many cosplayers are too critical of each other, the majority of cons ive been to the people have been lovely, but ive had some experiences when people have just stood and stared as if they are discusted! i was really shocked and like...this is meant to be a comunity!
i really dont think height matters, just cosplay who ya want!
i mean me cosplaying as Midna, who is an imp, probably 3foot tall or less! i dont think you will easily find someone exact height and shape as her!

(sorry for the large amounts of spelling mistakes! im tired and ill )

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16 Apr 2009 - 13:0912926
Although not many people mind about height and cosplayers, Its always one of the first things I consider before I cosplay a certain character (Or when a friend asks me to do a someone)
It really bugs me being quite tall, as I can't do the small girl cosplays, and it always makes me think twice when wearing heels. Do I go for accuracy and get the heels to match the cosplay, or go for normal flats because I already have enough height + more? >_<

I think that I think too much into things like that, but it does put me off the idea of cosplaying small girls. Just this morning me and some friends were talking about a Rozen Maiden cosplay, most of the characters are quite small!!! Though luckily the one Id like to do is taller. But again shes got heels!

Though its funny when me and for example Crystalneko do pair cosplays, the height order is never right! Chii and Fai is going to be funny to see! Though recently we have got better at the height thing, like Seth and Asta its right yaay! XD

I think people shouldnt mind about their height and it shouldnt stop people from doing a certain character, I mean like it has been said theres ways around height if it does bug you. Carefully done photos, heels etc. But Im a hypocrite, It doesnt bother me about others heights, but my own height always comes under heavy critisism by myself.

[Long post is long! Sorry >_<]

16 Apr 2009 - 18:0912933
Height doesnt bother me too much. In some case it bothers me when the heights really out say if there was a 4ft 5" little cute character and a 6ft 5" guy does it looks wierd but I usually have a 2ft height difference allowance but othere than that it doesn't bother me.

16 Apr 2009 - 18:4412937
Sephy you've met me... and I mean.. COME ON!! If I ever paid attention to my height I'd get to cosplay Chibis and that's it.

I agree with Chris, it's far more important that you act the part than fit them physically.

It does make me giggle with the differences in peoples' idea of shortness. I'll just sit here with my 4ft11" and look at all you taaaaall 5ft3" people.

Admittedly I cosplay a lot of boyish characters so there isn't butt loads of height difference but sometimes it's funny to cosplay a character that's meant to be a fair bit taller than you.

At Ame I got called Chibi Seifer and Mini Marik, nobody ever said it with malice and it was fun to have a laugh. It may look a bit weird, but when there's an Edward Elric cosplayer a foot taller than you there are many lols to be had.

One of my main perks of being tiny? It takes less material to make a full length cosplay ^_^ cheaper! Hurrah!

26 Jul 2009 - 21:2717700
The height thing gets to me personally. I dont have any issue with height on other peoples cosplays, cos everyone looks great in their costumes no matter on their height. But im a 6ft tall female and i HATE it. I try and find costumes that i can get away with, at this height. Some of the time i think stuff it, like when i did Mew Ichigo. I felt a little uncomfortable cos she's meant to be small and cute, but meh. Its the reason i like to cosplay evil people, like Edea and Maleficent because being my height it looks extra sinsister!! But i dont see a problem with it in general. Im slowly starting to accept my height now. I've just started to wear heels, and i've worn flats all my life lol.

27 Jul 2009 - 22:5917742
I find the height issue a lil daunting most of the time. Being 6'5" and being pretty broad shoulders (wrestler built) kinda hammers on my selection quite a bit really. For instance I bought Alyster Krory's cape uniform online and decided to cosplay him at Kitacon and after comparing myself to the other peeps cosplaying Allen, Kanda etc I was way out of proportion to everyone being just being hellava lot bigger else and made me feel a lil uneasy. He is tall tho really skinny.

If you are cosplaying on your own then size shouldn't be that much of a problem since you aren't comparing yourself to anyone. Go for it.

We give thanks to this tasy meal.

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28 Jul 2009 - 08:5317748
anyone who worries about the height and weight of someone in cosplay/crossplay need to get a life (i dont mean that in a bad way at all), but the way i see it is that if there so worried that they will not be tall enough or the perfect body shape then they dont see the whole point in cosPLAY.
i know someone who is like this, they worry to much about there height/shape that they have forgoten wot cosplay is all about and to be honest its realy annoying.

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28 Jul 2009 - 12:5717752
For me, it is depends on which kind of cosplay i was in. If i was doing self freely cosplay or photography, heights bother me no more. becouse im doing something my own business, i do becouse i enjoy it.
But if i was doing stage cosplay or in a show, that is different. Because there is audiences, the team cosplay is not "your own business" any more. think about it, a tall Edward fighting a short Roy Mustang could really be a joke.

03 Aug 2009 - 10:3118007
It probably depends on what you're aiming for. I don't wear platforms too, since that does ruin the whole look, but for posed photos they're quite good - as long as the photographer knows how to find angles where the platforms don't show. But for walking around at a con and seeing the costume "in movement", platforms aren't that great. Not to mention the possibility of breaking one's ankles!

I agree with what the others have said, that proportions is more important than height. To use a well-known example, Kylie Minogue is apparently only 5"1, but because she's well proportioned and in videos they always choose dancers around the same height, she doesn't look small at all. So, after making sure you've done your best to have the right proportions for the character, the next thing would probably be to stand at the right place in a group. >_> With everyone's impression of Sephiroth being "silver hair + black outfit + massively big guy who towers over everyone", it's better to find a tiny Cloud to stand next to, rather than one who's the same height as you, for example. Much easier said than done though, obviously. It's more important for characters who have such an obvious physical trait, sort of like if you have a big chest even after binding and want to cosplay Rukia, I'd recommend finding Orihimes and Matsumotos who have even bigger chests and standing with them...

That is more about how to get around a fact that you can't change. It does depend on what you're aiming for. Some people don't understand that others just want to cosplay characters they love, rather than characters they look like! It's like people who throw together a quick costume, there's nothing wrong with not wanting to invest too much time and money, they just want the fun and the lolz. Me, I like to spend a lot of effort into making a costume because I like making things. But that doesn't make me think less of people who don't and I hope those people don't think bad of me either. It's all about having fun by doing what you're aiming for.

I suppose looking from afar - or even if you're standing on a masquerade platform - it's hard for people to see all the details you've worked into the costume to make sure it's just right. But those who really care about costumes would see what you've done and it's those people's opinion that matter the most. And your Sephiroth is AWESOME.

...haha just realised how old the original post is. nvm, hello anyway!

03 Aug 2009 - 19:3618031
Quote Pez:
So, after making sure you've done your best to have the right proportions for the character, the next thing would probably be to stand at the right place in a group. >_> With everyone's impression of Sephiroth being "silver hair + black outfit + massively big guy who towers over everyone", it's better to find a tiny Cloud to stand next to, rather than one who's the same height as you, for example.

I suppose looking from afar - or even if you're standing on a masquerade platform - it's hard for people to see all the details you've worked into the costume to make sure it's just right. But those who really care about costumes would see what you've done and it's those people's opinion that matter the most. And your Sephiroth is AWESOME.

...haha just realised how old the original post is. nvm, hello anyway!

Thats true. Kylie dose choose the right kind of dancers. I do struggle to find a Cloud thats smaller than me. All the really good ones have been my height or taller, lol!

I've gotten used to ignoring those who are focusing on my height rather than my cosplay.

I was tempted for an upcoming Rozenkreuz Orden group (for Oct expo) to wear platforms since I'm being Cain. I thought it would be epic to tower over the group. Then I decided against it. A, because I suck at walking in any form of heels. B, quite a few of the RKO memebers are Cain's height dose it dosen't matter. I'm hoping that the wall of epicness that the RKO is going to be will mean that no one will focus on the height. If they do, I'll just ignore and have fun being evil. Lol!

No worries. I think its been an ongoing topic. Even thought the reason I posted it has now been resolved its useful for people to read and post they're experiences in.

Hi right back at you XX

08 Aug 2009 - 12:1318216
I'm 5ft 3ins and height innappropriate for a good percentage of the characters I cosplay.

I think that sometimes platforms can work if the character wears chunky shoes or if it suits the character. But yeah, if it's obviously a specific type of shoe like kitten heels, you're better off not going for 7inch platforms. I'm pretty bad for picking characters that either don't wear any shoes or do but there are no reference images of their feet anywhere so you have to guess.

I do cosplay a lot of little boys and pixie-type things, so I'm ok for that (in some cases I am in fact too tall for the character. lol), but recently I've been picking taller guys.

Sebastian from Kuroshisuji, he's like 6ft or whatever. I am not. The Ciel who's in the same group as me is in fact almost twice my height (may be a slight exaggeration); that's going to make for some funny pictures. At some point I will make that Magneto costume I've been planning to do for ages. Again, not 6ft 2, might wear platforms but will still be shorter than others in the group. Jareth is another innappropriate one, not just height-wise but facially; but I don't care cos I love the character.

Equally doing short characters doesn't always work out if you're in a group and someone who should be shorter than you is taller. When I get around to doing Mytho, my Tutu has a good few inches on me. Ditto with The Doctor & Fiyero (seeing as my partner in crime for those is also Ashe-chan).

Just go for costumes you like and will have fun wearing and say bah and humbug to those who question your height. I cosplayed a toaster for heavenssakes, that isn't even species appropriate...

ps. I have been awake for more than 25 hours, so I doubt what I just said makes much sense.

08 Aug 2009 - 15:2118222
I've never had a problem with peoples heights when they cosplay. I'm about 5"10 which is tall for a girl and I find that people are abit mean to me since I end up cosplaying characters I like rather than characters I looks like. See most of the characters are like are small and cute DX Fail on my behalf I know. But I always think that cosplay is just about having fun in costumes which friends and being another person for the day. Plus I love finding someone who's made there cosplay from scratch and it looks amazing ^_^

08 Aug 2009 - 16:2418223
I have no problem with height of others .

I'm around 5'7'' and I would feel comfortable doing say, Ciel or Sebastian!

For pictures, say Kurositsuji; posed ones anyway, have Ciel sitting and Seb standing; or stand on something and cut out the bottom part of the pic . Thats how I would probably attempt it :3.

I want to cosplay Testament from Guilty Gear and he comes across as really tall, but other people I will do GG with are the same size as me, it doesn't put me off

Edit; as a lot of people have said; its all about the FUN


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10 Aug 2009 - 13:0118275
I think that is the plan. Stairs are a good place for hiding height differences in photos and perspecive shots are effective (that's how we made our Tinkerbell tiny for AX Peter Pan group).

Equally I quite like reverse heights sometimes and plan to demand one where Ciel is leaning on my head/shoulders. ;P

10 Aug 2009 - 15:4118282
Quote Pudding:
Equally I quite like reverse heights sometimes and plan to demand one where Ciel is leaning on my head/shoulders. ;P

You are in luck! I wanna cosplay Ciel sometime in future and I'm 5'11.5" XD

10 Aug 2009 - 21:1118292
Alot of the genral consensus seems to be
small character=cute character; but if people actualy look up character statistics (especialy ones from japanese source material) you find that alot of characters are absolutly tiny so shorter people have a major advantage.

I looked up the height of Saber from Fate/Stay so I could get the proportions correct and found she's only 2 cm/ 1/2" taller than me; I'm 5', shes 5'1/2"

11 Aug 2009 - 09:5718302
Quote Christian R. Allan of Übernerd Productions:
I’ve had a few arguments over my height. I’m not happy about being short (or in reality, average – but that’s not how I see it.)

People have refused to help me with certain characters simply because I was ‘too short’ – despite the fact that I could make up for it through my acting ability. I understand why though, as competition is fierce, and being crowned ‘best cosplayer’ isn’t just a matter of having a really good costume - it’s about embracing every aspect of that character out of love and respect; a fact which people often ignore in masquerades simply due to their egos.

I have to say that you have one hell of an acting ability, yet it's the "elitism" where people refuse help to somone due to their height that makes me cringe :/

I'm 6 foot 2 (add my monk hat and I was about 8 foot xD) so I fall into the catagory of evil towering baddies cosplay-wise... Not that that's a bad thing!

When I'm with a group for photo's I always stick at the back and bend my knees to get the scale just right >_>;

11 Aug 2009 - 10:4818305
I won't deny that being the right size for a character helps both in pulling a costume off and in other peoples perception of your costume but if you want to cosplay as something/one thats a different size to you then go for it. Cosplay is primarily about having fun

On the competetive side it's actually not normally a big worry either, the judges are far more interested in the costume itself and how you act and carry yourself on stage. if you have an amazing costume being the wrong size won't stop you from winning if thats what floats your boat!

Cosplay Coordinator - MCM Expo
Cosplay Events Officer - Amecon
11 Aug 2009 - 11:3618307
Quote Ilpala:
...if you have an amazing costume being the wrong size won't stop you from winning...

Ilpala is very right here. I came 3rd at an expo as Giselle from Enchanted, if you stood me next to Amy Adams I'd look like some crazy B-movie amazon woman next to her!! I'm 5'10 and have an athletic body, basically the complete opposite of her!!

If I only cosplayed characters I was physically suited for, I'd be left with male villians. I'm too curvy to do bishy men, to tall to to women and girls (for the most part, there is the occasional tall woman, but she's usually a bad guy!)

If you love the costume do it. Anyone that is that elite, quite frankly, needs to shove it somewhere less than comfortable.

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13 Aug 2009 - 17:0318354
I'm like you, Gunstar, on the taller end of the scale and have yet to stop growing. I'm somewhere between 5ft 10 and 5ft 10 1/2 at the moment.
I did BloodRayne in May, and without her 6 inch stiletto spikes she's meant to be about 5ft 11 I think. I was wearing 5 inch heels (block - NOT stiletto), which made me about 6ft 3 then. So for that one I was about the right height anyway.

My next one is Rose (The Legend of Dragoon) as my signature shows, and there's some speculation about her height. Some reckon 5ft 6, some say up to 5ft 9.
Rose wears some small heels, and the ones I bought (the nearest I can get to her boots) are 3.5 inch heels which again takes me over 6ft.
HOPEFULLY for May next year I'll do Hrist from Valkyrie Profile. She's meant to be about 5ft 11 approximately, and I don't think she really has any heels on her boots.
But taller female characters are hard to find if you're at that end of the scale as Gunstar says, and the higher percentage of women tend to be between 5ft 2 and 5ft 6 anyway.

Of course if you're cross-playing as a male character and you're much shorter, then the difference really is going to be that much more noticeable. HOWEVER, I would not tell someone they shouldn't cosplay as such a character because of their height. I think I read on the expo forums last year, it's more about making the costume look good on YOU than anything else, and it's a portrayal of your love for that character.
I'm finding it difficult, not for height, but because there are so few tough nut fighter female characters out there and I don't really want to cross-play. I don't like skirts and dresses, but for Rose (who has an armour-like mini skirt) and Hrist (who has a cloth drape under her armour) I don't mind. It's all a matter of personal preference I find, and it's meant to be FUN. Nobody should stop you.


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27 Aug 2009 - 15:5918831
Sorry to drudge up an almost finished thread but I thought I would add my view.

I am actually 4ft11... yep, I don't even reach 5 foot and this is my full height. It can be a real pain in the backside sometimes but other times a real blessing.

In terms of cosplay... I will admit most of the characters I tend to pick straight away are characters that are short or child like. But I also tend to do a lot of paired and group cosplays and then I tend to take on the shortest character out of all of them in the group, this is more my personal preference though.

But like nearly everyone has said, quality and effort involved in the costume should go above height and weight accuracy any day.

It just helps if you do find people to cosplay with that compliment your height and make good dynamics in photos.

27 Aug 2009 - 17:5318834
I have the same problems as you Sephy.

I'm five foot two or so, and becuase I am a rather big (fat) person, I heard a remark that I shouldn't have done L from death note because he is tall and skinny, and well I'm not.

I hate people that say people who are not walking around in skimky costumes and showing flesh should not be cosplaying.

At the end of the day it's just fun and no-one should hae the right to say who can cosplay and who cant.

Height, weight, colour, or if they are in a wheelchair doesn't matter.

28 Aug 2009 - 09:1218882
I have the opposite problem- I'm nearly 6ft, and I get heckled for playing small,cute characters (I'm in a touhou group for 2010 as remilia scarlet, and I'm about a ft taller than most of the group...think I'm gonna be on my knees for most pictures :/ lol) but I did talk to them about it, and they've basically said they don't care,which is good ^^ I'm also doing Maylene from Kuroshitsuji, who wears high heels... In my opinion the costume i've made makes me look like a towering monster around most people ><

There are ways to make people taller for a cosplay...but short of lopping off my legs or shuffling on my knees all day, I can't be shorter >< lol

Either way, Though I know I worry about cosplaying a 10 year old at 6ft, it shouldn't matter- As long as your having fun and you have a good cosplay,don't let the few people who critisize a cosplay over height get to you ^^

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