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26 Jul 2013 - 16:06105297
Painting foam - where do i get
Hi all
I am new to costume building and have recently been following tutorials on youtube on how to build and paint foam costumes using pepakura.

The problem i have come across is that most of these are USA based and the paint supplies used don't seem to be available here in the UK.

In particular the vinyl and fabric spray and paint range from duplicolor which are used to prime and paint foam parts after being sealed with PVA glue. Are these available in the UK or is there other brand name alternatives I could use.

Star Wars nut Dave

26 Jul 2013 - 21:50105304
Well if its EVA foam you are using then If you don't it to bend and flex too much and you've sealed it with PVA then ordinary hobby/house/car spray paints will work, I think the fabric and vinyl paints are only required if you really need the flex

I primed my foam armour with various grey primer spray cans, I think the Halfords own brand worked out best (though some stuff from poundland was OK though it smelt a bit funny) and the top glossy coat was Rustoleoum brand from B&Q, with various Humbrol and Tamiya paints for the details. Just remember to do thin coats and spray from a distance.

But always test your paints on scraps beforehand, not all paints are compatible with each other and foam.

29 Jul 2013 - 16:21105434
Hi Helena
Thanks for your help.
Yes it is EVA foam and I am attempting to construct the Boba Fett helmet and armour and possibly gun.

Your Mass Effect armour is brilliant, such wonderful colour.

I only hope I can get the right colours for Boba Fett. Will Humbrol paint go over the top of car paint ok and is it then best to put some kind of clear or varnish coat on top to protect it?

Again fantastic armour and other outfits, you do look good in a cat suit

Star Wars nut Dave

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