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24 Mar 2008 - 12:312103
I've actually started making my cosplay now XD but only the basics... got the base of the sword, and started on the armour, skirt and top (if you can call it that >.>' I still need to buy some paint for everything and start on the arm warmer things, but it's well under way ^^ Spent all of yesterday sewing that stupid bra... God, it's *small*. I may make another one because I'm really nervous about wearing just that

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29 Mar 2008 - 13:302176
maybe i cn get my freind to come as someone from hack, at the moment she says she has no cosplay so she cant cosplay. i say she needs to be more creative. then she too can cosplay ^_^

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29 Mar 2008 - 18:182178
sign me up im doing either azure kite or ash from .hack//

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