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23 Jul 2013 - 20:46105193
Eating Meals While At A Con Help
Hi All

I was wondering what people recommend for food when going to a con?
Im off to Hyper Japan and staying in a hotel with no on-site restaurant and don't want to really eat out every time I feel hungry.
I have a large Tesco just up the road from the hotel so I can get supplies but I don't have a kettle, toaster etc. It's basic...what would people eat? Sandwiches? Salad? Im not sure as I don't want food going off due to the heat.


23 Jul 2013 - 21:59105196
I usually bring snacks that keep well without a fridge- so crisps, crackers and dried fruit and in this weather bottled water. For Hyper Japan there's food vendors at the convention, so that's one meal a day at least sorted. I usually pay for breakfast where I'm staying, as having something filling in the morning is a good idea. If you have a tesco close by then you could grab things like prepared pasta salad/ sandwiches and it should open quite late.

23 Jul 2013 - 22:39105197
Croissants, brioche and pain au chocolat are amazing for staying alive. As well as plain bread and nutella. I eat a lot of bread and cereal, so going to a con - I eat even more bread and cereal bars.

I tend to bring fruit that doesn't need to be in a fridge like apples, bananas and tangerines as well.

I will usually always make it a point to eat out in the evening though, it's just a nice way of ending a long day of convention-ing before going out or something. But yeah, during the day I'm pretty happy just eating bread and snacks.

TBH it's not that different to what I do everyday anyway. I eat lightly in the day and then have a big meal for dinner.

Don't bring a giant bag of carrot sticks to a con. I did that once. Never again XD
(I really really like carrot sticks but cannot eat 1kg in a day before it goes off FML)

23 Jul 2013 - 23:13105199
Everything mentioned so far really helps.

I'd strongly recommend at least 1 decent meal per day. I normally go mad on breakfast when offered as with enough it can make a big difference to your energy levels. Croissants and pain au chocolates, as well as muffins would make a great alternative if a cooked breakfast isnt available. For the early/mid afternoon I'd find a shop or a Subways (depending what is available) and have a light snack and have a take-out in the evening to relax.

As for bringing my own food I tend to think about what I would bring to a picnic and decide what would remain fresh depending on how long I would be at an event. Sandwiches, biscuits, crisps, ect.

Having a supermarket nearby is perfect! The ready snack section (pasta, sushi...) would be ideal!

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24 Jul 2013 - 17:21105227
Thanks for all the replies...

You have all been really helpful, and have given me some ideas for meal ideas. Thanks and will make sure that I won't get anything that will go off in the room ^_^


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