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18 Jul 2013 - 17:42105060
[SELLING] Doujinshi, Merchandise and Fanmade items!
Wig, fashion and costume posts can be found here and here

Prices DO NOT include shipping
However I will be at Hyper Japan so pickup/payment for any of the items can be arranged for then too!

Keychains, Phone charms, Pin badges

All art by me
Keychains £3
Phone Charms £3
Pin badges £2

Phone charms: This Catbug is the last one and only two Monobears are left
Keychains: Arya and Sansa are the last ones and there are only two of Cersei and two of Ygritte left.


£3 each
Two for £5
Five for £10

Celestia Ludenberg is sold out.
The Yume Nikki group is sold out
There are only two Yume Nikki/.flow cards left.

Gundams and Plamos

The boxes are a little storage-worn but the contents have not been touched.
HG (Limited Model) EVA-01 Type F (AFC Experiment): £32
FG 1/144 Kyrios: £5


Fushigi Yuugi vol 1-3: £5
Kingdom Hearts COM vol 1-2 / Kingdom Hearts II vol 1: £5


All £3 each
I will give you a discount if you buy all of them/a pairing set.
They're just taking up space and I don't want them.
Warning however some of these are 18+ so if you buy them please guarantee that you are 18+
I will not be held responsible for your purchases!!!

If you want better quality pictures or further details feel free to ask.

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25 Jul 2013 - 04:40105244
bump >_o

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