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08 Jul 2013 - 13:38104816
Cosplayers in Nottingham... Fancy a photoshoot!?!?!
Hulo! I am a photographer based in Nottingham and looking for cosplayers to photo! Just shout if you're bored and fancy a shoot!

please feel free to have a look at my design / photography page to see the kind of things i have done!



Forecast Designs


25 Jul 2013 - 01:58105240
I'm new to cosplaying but I am a huge Disney fan so wanna start cosplaying as Disney characters.
I live in Nottingham and was looking for a photographer to take some pics for me.
I have 2 costumes currently being made in the US ready for attending disneyworld in oct ( for mickeys Halloween party - it's the only time that the parks allow adults in wearing costumes ) so with the Cinderella castle backdrop I'm of course doing Cinderella and then the second day Ariel ( little mermaid) town dress version.
I want to get a snow white one too and was looking for someone to take my pic in a woodland type setting or maybe a bit of photoshop? If you look under my planned costumes there is a snow white icon and I would love a pic like that.
I also want to do an ariel mermaid version ( also in my planned costumes) this will be a little down the line as the wait time is 90-120 days for the tail but it's an actual silicone realistic tail ( not a fabric one) so was looking for a photographer willing to travel to the beach and get some pics in the water/ on the rocks etc. what I really want are some underwater pics - but I wouldn't know where to begin!
Anyway I've waffled on- is this the type of photography you do?
If so what are prices roughly per shoot ?
Thanks Jesse

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