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08 Jul 2013 - 12:09104814
MCM october 2013
to replace the thread that was made in 2007
I'll be going on the saturday in my RP costume, this will be my first convention.

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08 Jul 2013 - 13:07104815
I'm new to the CI forums

I'll be Duela Dent along side my friend up in Manchester who'll be Harley

08 Jul 2013 - 14:10104817
I will be going but for some reason I find it hard to make definite plans until last minute lately... :'D

I would like to wear my Attack on Titan cosplay in more suitable weather for wearing a cloak than Ayacon will have, though. haha.

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08 Jul 2013 - 16:29104820
Quote Jizzy:
I'm new to the CI forums

I'll be Duela Dent along side my friend up in Manchester who'll be Harley

Yea I am still new to the forum

I should hopefully be attending london con, has Jason Voorhees, depends on the weather either the sackhead version if its raining, or if its dry the hockeymask combo. Cannot wait

08 Jul 2013 - 18:16104821
I should be going as these characters;
* Jack Frost (Rise of the guardians)
* Gareki (Karneval) or Yogi (Karneval)
* Nagisa (Free!)

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08 Jul 2013 - 19:54104825
Plan is Friday: Hawkeye/N, Saturday: Deadpool, Sunday: Chespin.

08 Jul 2013 - 21:49104830
Plan is to do Kakashi from Naruto Shippuden. May do the ANBU variation one day, and the Shinobi War arc as another.

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08 Jul 2013 - 22:23104834
*points down at the pics in my sig*

08 Jul 2013 - 22:50104837
I'll be going as Anri Yoshiwara from Adekan, but I doubt many people know the manga yet

08 Jul 2013 - 23:14104839
Plans in my siggy but days may change

08 Jul 2013 - 23:25104840
like Inuyoku, as shown in my sig. If my Expo plans change for whatever reason I'ma flap a table

will be accompanied by Kamina (my literal bro' irl xD) and our bffl Simon


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08 Jul 2013 - 23:48104842
I shall be going as Ellie from The Last of Us, Ruffnut from How To Train Your Dragon and Beth Tezuka from Bravest Warriors!

Looking forward to it!

Lisa Bee Photography - Amateur cosplay and media convention photographer.
09 Jul 2013 - 08:34104845
I'm going as Ayanami from 07 ghost on the Saturday, Tokiya from UtaPri on the Sunday and maybe an artwork version of Kanba from Mawaru Penguindrum

09 Jul 2013 - 21:00104862
Hopefully I will be going as Glados from Portal on the Saturday and Sunday
If I can't make that costume I have no idea what I will be going as! Need some back ups xD

11 Jul 2013 - 13:19104911
I'm going as Eva core or probably better known as the artifical intelligence online like EDI from mass effect~

12 Jul 2013 - 20:58104937
Going as the tardis on Saturday and daenerys (wedding dress) on sunday

24 Jul 2013 - 11:36105213
My plans are in the banner below!

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24 Jul 2013 - 18:41105230
Im doing something from Supernatural
Hit girl if I get it done
Harley or a minion from DM

24 Jul 2013 - 22:01105232
- [NPC] Peyo from Gaia Online
- My Avatar from AC:NL

& possibly
- Chris Thorndyke from Sonic X

It would mean a lot if you could SO TOTALLY "LIKE" ME on Facebook! ^_^

My Cosplay plans change a lot! If they conflict with what I've written elsewhere, the most recent take preference.
24 Jul 2013 - 23:48105238
I'll be going as Ellie from The Last of Us, Beth from Bravest Warriors and, currently, I have a free third day! I may be cosplaying my Snow outfit from Once Upon a Time again after improving and adding some bits and pieces.

Lisa Bee Photography - Amateur cosplay and media convention photographer.

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08 Sep 2013 - 19:46106975

29 Sep 2013 - 20:13107730
just so that people see it

29 Sep 2013 - 20:50107731
Plans are


Kiss the Girl Dress Ariel and Nightgown Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid for Slumber Party shoot on the Fri as long as both costumes are made in time


Classic Animated Series Harley Quinn


Gotham High Harley Quinn

All this might change though.

Feel free to say hi and am totally up for hanging out and stuff in the evening, just look for the chick in the red motorised wheelchair!


29 Sep 2013 - 21:25107734
I'm going as Hit Girl from Kick-Ass 2 on Saturday. Getting very excited as it is officially less that a month to go!!!

29 Sep 2013 - 21:32107736
I may be going, depending on finances at the time.

And should be as Rivaille from Attack on Titan. But, I may change this, as there are quite a few Rivailles going it seems :/

Though would be impossible to find another character I suit by the Expo. I shall look around though!

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