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07 Jul 2013 - 17:25104793
SELLING: Lady Loki cosplay
Photo here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98519627@N05/9232880942/

Looking for £40 (this price includes P&P, if you want it tracked it will be more. I'm not responsible for items lost in the post)

Comes with:
Fur cloak, attached to top by snap fasteners/poppers
Top (boob tube) size L. I'm a 14 and it fit me fine. Some of the green colouring on the sequins have come off where my arms have rubbed against it but is mostly hidden by the cloak.
Belt and loincloth- made by me. Stitching can be seen on the ribbon but only if looking very closely and doesn't show up on photos. I always attached this using a safety pin. Velcro/poppers could be added to make it more secure.
Leggings- size 16-18. Cheap ones bought from ebay.
Boots- size 7. really comfortable and nice to wear in winter.
Wig is black, slight curls/waves and in a good condition, got most of the tangles out last time I wore it but it has been stored in a bag for a while

DOES NOT INCLUDE HORNS OR GOLDEN HAIR PIECES. (The horns broke and I lost the golden hair pieces. The hair pieces were literally just round bits of foam that I had painted, easy to make.)

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