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05 Jul 2013 - 17:07104755
Paintjob for a mask-Madder Red from Bedlam
So, I'm gradually putting together a cosplay of the character Madder Red from the relatively new comic series Bedlam-for those that don't know him:

In terms of the mask-I'm having concerns of how to paint it and would appreciate some advice. Should I go for matt white, or have it with the plastic reflective surface, and should the red 'teeth' and cross be outlined with black, even lightly?

At least admit you're entertained
07 Jul 2013 - 14:00104789
What will you make the mask out of? paper mache? or buy a custom white mask?

if you're paper mache-ing you'll need to paint it white eitherway to cover the newspaper etc... so it would look very shiny. I think this would look better, plastic generally looks a bit more... cheap?

as for the red being outlined, it's up to you of course! it does seem like they are lightly outlined in the comics.
Creating lines this fine might be difficult to do with paint, you could use pencil to ourline and paint over that? Unless you have very think paint, the pencil lines should still be visable.

good luck

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