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03 Jul 2013 - 23:48104713
Breath of Fire Cosplay Group
So this was one of my most beloved game series back when I was knee high to a grasshopper. And I'd like to do a cosplay group for it.
In terms of time, this probably wouldn't be until much later this year, if not next. I'm just curious as to how many people here are familiar with it and would be willing to join me should the opportunity arise.
It doesn't have to be game specific - any character from the series would be more than welcome. I'll be tackling Ryu from No. 3.
Please feel free to comment of PM if you're interested.

Procrastinate Now. Don't put it off!
04 Jul 2013 - 01:33104715
I'm a big fan of it! Not sure who I would cosplay or from which game, I'll have to think about that one. It would be awesome to see other people doing costumes from the series though.

06 Jul 2013 - 01:00104765
Here I was, trying to settle on one idea as to what I would cosplay next, and then this thread goes and hits me right in the nostalgia. I loved Breath Of Fire 3 when I was younger. I'm surprised I didn't think of cosplaying from it sooner, to be honest.

If I had to pick someone to cosplay, I'd go for Teepo's purple jumpsuit thing. Out of all the characters/outfits, I think that'd be the one I'd have the easiest time with.

12 Aug 2013 - 16:54105970
Well, there's 3 of us so far, and that's enough for a party.
How does MCM Expo in October sound? Would you be able to travel to/from? Would that leave enough time to make your cosplays?

Procrastinate Now. Don't put it off!
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