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03 Jul 2013 - 15:42104700
Wig Dying
Maybe I'm being Dim here, but I'm really confused...

I have a dark-ish red wig for my upcoming Operetta (Monster High) cosplay.
I need to dye the under section of it black, and two streaks of it at the front black too

I've looked up dying cosplay wigs, and Most often I've found they're American Tutorials, needing "Rubbing Alcohol"

What the hell is rubbing alcohol?
What's the British Equivalent?
where can I get it?
How much for?

Is there another way for me to dye my wig?

I've tried just straight Sharpie, nice colour, comes right off when rubbed, and I don't want that to get all over my jacket that took me ages and ages to paint.

I've tried Hair dye, 'cos we had some black in the house, and I'm pretty sure everyone knows how that ends.

I've tried painting it with watered down Acrylic paint, and I almost lost the wig due to the mess it made.

I'm getting a bit frantic because I've been selected to be in Cosplay Chess at Ayacon as Operetta, and she's got some pretty major bits still missing, (wig, Shoes and her eyemask)

03 Jul 2013 - 15:52104701
You could buy black wefts and sew them into the wig? Arda wigs sells them:


03 Jul 2013 - 15:59104703
Rubbing alcohol is basically a solution for sterilising wounds. You can just do a search on ebay and stuff will come up. Else you might try a chemists- sometimes it's called surgical spirit in the UK. Acrylic paint does work but it messes up the texture.

I agree though if its reasonably small sections adding extra wefts may be the way to go, especially as its underneath the top layer.

03 Jul 2013 - 16:24104704
Any kind of dyed wig has a chance of discolouring your costume, but as long as you wash it out thoroughly after dying it's only going to show up on very pale fabrics and will wash off. Sharpies are exactly the same as the manually mixed ink and spirit method, so it's strange that it rubbed right off, did you leave it to dry for 24 hours first?

If you're really worried about your jacket as it's painted I'd second the previous replies and get some black wefts to add in to your wig. Depending on how much you need it may be cheaper to buy a black wig and Frankenstein them together, but I don't know the character.

As mentioned already you can get wefts from Arda, but if you want something UK based there's http://www.coscraft.co.uk or various eBay sellers.

Good luck!

03 Jul 2013 - 16:24104705
I was originally thinking of Sewing in some wefts, but I've now got 18 black sharpies floating about ><

I'd like to try and dye it first, 'cos i'm not that confident with my ability to add wefts to the wig, but I dunno...
Might try adding some wefts to my Abbey wig instead, see how that goes.

I'll go have a look for some of this Surgical spirit and hope for the best.

Thanks very much for the help ^^

I may add some wefts in the end, but even then I could probably dye the front parts of the wig that need to be black.

On the red wig, I didn't leave it 24 hours, butmy old Princess Cadence wig, that I sharpie dyed yellow, has been left for months and the ink still comes off on my handand combs when I brush it. I've not let it stain the back of my dress yet

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03 Jul 2013 - 17:17104708
This is a problem I've been having too. After a lot of scouting forums, I found that lots of people do just sharpie onto the wig, but if the wig is too plasticy it might not take the dye. Also, red dye apparently never fully sets, while black sharpie dye can look purple or brown because of how it's mixed. Otherwise it is supposedly a simple case of colouring, leaving to dry, then rinsing in cold water until no more colour comes off, then repeating till the colour saturation is right.
I'm about to try dying a second wig myself. I did a red, orange and burgundy one, and the red still came off if I handled it too hard, but I'm hoping my next (blue/green) wig will work better. Best of luck with you wig. Perhaps if any of us find any useful tips we could share them - wig things are too complex XD

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03 Jul 2013 - 20:18104712
Quote Star-Valo:
I'd like to try and dye it first, 'cos i'm not that confident with my ability to add wefts to the wig, but I dunno...

Adding wefts is about a million times easier than dyeing a wig.

04 Jul 2013 - 12:51104724
Well, I ordered some Wefts.
And I'm going to get some Surgical Spirit to try to dye the front parts of the wig that won't come into contact with my clothing.

Two birds with one stone here

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