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02 Jul 2013 - 20:54104663
"One Chance" Cosplay Construction Moments?
Hi ^_^

At the moment, I'm preparing to dye a fabric and I've realistically only got one attempt at it...O_o So, I was just wondering, has anyone else during the process of making a costume, only had one chance to get it/a part of it right?

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02 Jul 2013 - 21:44104664
A lot of my Loki cosplay was 'one chance' moments. Since if I messed it up, I'd have wasted expensive materials or ruined the whole piece so far.

Same issue making my Snape costume as well, though not to the same degree. If I'd messed that up, I'd thankfully would have being able to buy fabric again at not a too expensive price.

I hate those moments, I always feel I'm going to go wrong but it works out fine... but I mess up on the easiest part because of it.

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02 Jul 2013 - 21:49104665
Yeah. Making some wings using sticky film and wire.

Once the two sheets of film touched, and repositioning or unsticking would have ruined the film and made them messily translucent rather than transparent.

I had to throw away one pair of wings

02 Jul 2013 - 22:04104666
Most recently detailing foam armour has been my one-chance moment - in using a soldering iron, so the second it touches the foam, the damage is done. It's a bit nerve wracking since you can't hold the soldering iron near the tip, which makes it a bit more unwieldy than a pen or similar.
There are plenty of other bits I have no wish to re-do if I mess up though, so I tend to just put up with what I've got, lol

02 Jul 2013 - 22:15104669
I think my attempt at making Aeon's clock sword certainly qualifies as this. Its sheer size and the amount of paint/PVA glue I needed meant it ended up costing the better part of £55.

I messed up the upper "blade" and all four of the adornments of the central clock ('cause I didn't account for the required inner curve), so I had to redo them. Thankfully, I had just enough styrofoam to do it. I was up until 4AM on May 24th - basically, five hours before I hauled ass down to Preston to wait for the train - getting the thing finished, so the final few steps were a bit of a rush job. ):

Annoyingly, the measures I took to keep it in one piece weren't sufficient and, while it isn't technically "broken", it will need sticking together again if I ever re-use it. On the bright side, however, I did get a couple of pictures taken with it. I even got into a brief chat with one of the guys who took a photo about how I made it, which was something of a morale boost, given how unhappy I was with it. So... yay!

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03 Jul 2013 - 10:29104679
Curling a wig for my Juri cosplay: I'm using glue and wire to keep their shape, so if it goes wrong the wig is ruined.

09 Jul 2013 - 13:48104847
The apron thingamabob for my Subaru cosplay.

I decided to use fabric paint for the details. Considering that fabric paint isnt the easiest thing to wash out and it was painted on Duchess satin it got me pretty nervous while doing it XD

09 Jul 2013 - 19:04104855
I thought dyeling my hat for Serena was a one-shot, but fortunately my mum and I found a method to re-dye it wihout ruining the wool.
The wool HAS gone a little odd, but it hasn't melted and the hat still fits so yay!

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16 Jul 2013 - 22:25105017
I panic every time I have to spray paint something, especially if there is a piece masked off that I don't want sprayed >_< Thankfully I haven't messed up yet *quickly touches some wood*

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