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01 Jul 2013 - 18:23104639
Cosplay prop transport advice!
Hi guys, I need a bit of advice about transporting a prop to LFCC on Saturday. I'm travelling in from Buckinghamshire so I've got about an hour's journeying on the Tube. I'm cosplaying Alice from Disney's Alice in Wonderland and I have an oversized plastic bottle for the classic "Drink Me" bottle. Here's a picture, for size reference (I'm bad at judging size measurements);

I was wondering if I should transport it in a bin bag or not. I haven't got a bag big enough to carry it in, and it's quite an awkward shape. But also, I'm travelling in my costume, it's not delicate in any way, and I don't really want to have to carry around a bin bag...it won't make it less awkward or big to carry, and it's more likely to get caught in tube doors than the prop by itself.

Opinions/advice, please? Thank you in advance!

01 Jul 2013 - 20:38104645
You could tie a piece if string to the neck of the bottle, and to the narrower bit and wear is as a shoulder bag or something. That way, it's not in your way and it's safe.

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02 Jul 2013 - 12:04104659
If it can't fit into one bin bag, you can always fit two, one on each end. To secure the bags to stop them from getting stuck in anything, you can wrap duct or masking tape round it to keep the shape and the bags down - then you can tie string round it and as Nixie suggested hang it over your shoulder it means you will probably have to bring extra bags and tape as they can be tricky to remove the prop from, but at least you won't have to carry it and it'll be secure!

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