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30 Jun 2013 - 16:35104603
How do you carry your belongings?
ok I know this is such a newbie question but I´ve been thinking about it for a while. How do you carry everything to the event without ruining the whole look? I´ve seen lots of advices about what you shouldn´t forget for a mascarade but none about where to put them.

money, mobile phone and a camara take some room, besides with so many people around it would be easy to have everything stolen.

30 Jun 2013 - 17:06104605
I normally just pop my stuff in a normal bag and when I have photos taken I just move it to one side or let a friend hold my stuff I always bring a bag so I can put my stuff in and have extra room if I buy something or to store drinks/snacks as well as spare sewing equipment.

There is also the option for hidden pockets for little things and I have seen people make a bag to match the costume which works wonders.

More characters could do with bags hehehe would make cosplay more convenient. Best way around it since its surprising how much bag space is needed for many XD

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30 Jun 2013 - 17:58104606
Since a majority of my cosplays involves skirts and dresses, I wear shorts underneath (same colour if possible) with pockets because it's hidden under the skirt. I can easily keep my valuables with me all the time such as phone, money, room key and my small digital camera. This is especially useful when wearing skirts/dresses above the knee because when someone calls me, I can easily grab my phone from my pocket, however pretty much not ideal lifting the skirt up to grab the phone in public even though you have shorts underneath. As for the other items which are less valuable and/or won't fit in my pockets such as bottle of water, food, Con schedule etc... I carry an extra bag.

I am the type of person to be paranoid when putting my bag down when I can't keep an eye when asked for photos, so at least I don't have to worry much about my bag getting stolen knowing my valuables are in my pockets. Yes, I have once left behind one of my bags because I forgot to pick it up after being asked for a photo, but it only contained a bottle of water and an Anime figure worth £20, was a bit annoyed having to folk out an extra £20 to buy the same anime figure again, however I would be lost and very upset if my phone, purse or camera was in the bag at the time.

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30 Jun 2013 - 18:21104607
I try to make sure I have pockets for most costumes, so recently I've been substituting leggings for skinny jeans, etc, so that the character still looks right, but so I have somewhere to store my wallet and phone. For drinks and that I tend to just get them and drink them in one so I don't have to carry them ^_^'. If I buy anything (which is rare, admittedly) I just carry it in the bag I'm given and hold it behind my back if asked for a photo. If I really need a bag I try to make it fit in with the costume.

30 Jun 2013 - 18:43104608
You could try storing them in your props - for my Team Fortress Pyro costume I made the top of the gas canister removable so that I could store a bottle of water and snacks in it.

Or you turn the item into one of your props - I disguised my camera bag on the same costume by making it into the grenade bandolier (and the bag for the flash gun was perfect as the small pouch on the Pyro's belt)

I have also seen a Thor cosplayer with a hammer that doubled up as a purse.

30 Jun 2013 - 20:30104609
Invest in a Mary Poppin's bag.

I have a very large bag which I carry basically everywhere - Uni, shopping, away trips, etc. It's rather feminine so I look ridiculous when crossplaying but I don't particularly care. I will either prop it right in front of me in line of sight (I don't care if it's distracting for the photo - bag is more valuable!) or I will swing it behind me and hold it if it's rather crowded.

For photoshoots you're generally going to find a quiet area so everyone dumps their bag in one place and it's easy for the photographer, helper or you to notice if anyone is suspicious around the area.

If I don't need my DSLR for whatever reason then I will probably carry a smaller bag with just my phone in it. It's small enough that if I just angle myself to the camera you probably won't see it and the strap doesn't matter much. My phone case has space for ID, cards and notes so the bag is really just for my phone, touch up make up and change, I don't need a purse (this is literally what I do on nights out!). If I need water then I will just carry it and will eventually drink it all - sometimes it's good to use as a prop. Free advertisement for said drink

If I'm entering the masquerade then usually there is a storage area for participants. Or you can give it to a friend. Or just keep hold of it whilst in the masquerade queue and when it's your turn, pop it by the side of the stage (there will be trustworthy stage crew and you are only on stage for up to 3 minutes anyway) and then collect it when you're done.

I use to love cosplays with pockets. Now they make little difference because my phone is too big for most pockets anyway even when dressed normally. It usually just sticks out or I hold it :/
Now I love cosplays that have bags! 8D Gotta love a matching bag~ Or a bag and I'll pretend mine is accurate... :L

30 Jun 2013 - 20:40104610
I try to get/make a matching bag if I can, otherwise I just take a normal bag and set it down in view for photos. I loved being Princess Bubblegum because I could just hide all my bags under my hoopskirt!

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30 Jun 2013 - 21:12104612
because my cosplay is going to be military i am going to have a belt pack (actually my pockets are big enough to carry everything in my combat trousers with no problems)

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30 Jun 2013 - 21:40104614
Either an appropriate bag for the costume (messenger bag for Derpy, satchell for schoolgirl, etc) or a regular shoulderbag, and hide it for pics.

30 Jun 2013 - 22:03104617
Bring a friend along to carry stuff, my husband is being dragged along to help with this, handy for taking pics for you too.

30 Jun 2013 - 22:28104619
I make hidden pockets or bring a bag and just hide it in photos.

Best solution, as suggested, is to bring what my friends and I affectionately term... a bag bitch LOL

CosplayIsland Staff Member

01 Jul 2013 - 00:21104622
What we did so as to not spoil our Crash Bandicoot look was made an Aku Aku bag!

Seeing as Aku Aku is Crash's floating guardian we needed a way to include him and carry our stuff.
We fused them and the result worked!

Just work the bag around your cosplay!

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01 Jul 2013 - 11:02104628
thank you all for your answers. I will try to make more pockets in the costumes and I like the props idea.

Not too sure about being able to talk my husband into this, he usually stays home with our little one but maybe as soon as he grows up a little he will have to come.

I´m surprised your carry-bag friends want to go without cosplay.

01 Jul 2013 - 11:12104629
Quote carsec:
I´m surprised your carry-bag friends want to go without cosplay.

I normally cosplay with my girlfriend, but we don't always do matching costumes. So we takle turns bag-holding when someone just wants to photograph one of us.

(And if you check my profile pictures you will often see I have one hand behind me, where I'm having to hold my bag out of sight!)

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