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30 Jun 2013 - 14:57104602
Freezer paper as a stencil?
Have any of you had experience using freezer paper as a stencil for fabric painting? I'm considering using it to paint most of CCS Syaoran's details as I hear it leaves a nice crisp edge (plus I don't feel like doing that much applique!). But I'm not sure if there's any specific brand that's best to use?

Thanks ^^

04 Jul 2013 - 07:03104716
Excellent idea! I've used it myself-I've got no brand preferences, id just advise using a very dry brush to paint and to build up in stabby layers instead of stroking.

16 Jul 2013 - 16:54105007
I've done this on 50% of the costumes I have ever made and while I can't give a specific brand for the paper, sometimes I find that butcher paper is more effective than freezer paper but it's a bit harder to find.

Mostly, I'd recommend a good fabric paint. Try to find Versatex and Jacquard, they're fabulous~

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16 Jul 2013 - 17:34105011
Thanks guys, shame I didn't see you're replies earlier as I had to go ahead and get it ^^; But it gives amazing results and I'm very impressed with it!

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