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27 Jun 2013 - 12:16104549
Vampire Knight and Black Butler Cosplay For Sale! (picture heavy)
I have for sale two costumes thats right two! And they could be all yours for these reasonable prices! *ahem* salesmanship aside, here's what I have:

For those who like an easier viewing route here's the FB album; https://www.facebook.com/JakkuHana/media_set?set=a.10200915809911293.1073741828.1046746237&type=3

TL;DR - Vampire Night Costume: £70 + shipping
Ciel Outfit: £30 plus shipping

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ON SIZING PLEASE READ: Both of these costumes were partially tailored for my sizing, as it stands today I can still fit into my Night Class outfit snugly and comfortably, I doubt my ciel costume would still fit as I have more of a body mass/belly than I did 2-ish years ago. My current measurements are:
Shoulders: 45.5-46cm
Chest: 85cm
Waist: 83cm
Hips: 94-95cm
Collar: 44-46cm?
Upper arm: 27.5cm
Shoulder to waist: 44-45cm
Height: around 5'6-5'7ft

If you are about these measurements or less (less would definitely be good for Ciel) then you'll do swimmingly, I would advise against larger sizes because of discomfort and squeezing/breath restriction, I doubt i'll be able to fit into these for much longer

First up is a very nice Night Class uniform I bought a couple of years back for around about £110, I have never worn it to a convention and the only other times it has been put on were trying it on and this photo sessions (Twice).

The costume itself is of very nice quality and comes with all the parts the actual uniform has.

And as you can see, the multitude of buttons are also included in the waistcoat design, modelled on a rose insignia.

One thing that is worth noting and may be important for more die-hard costumers; the more arrow-headed studs that decorate the original costume are replaced with rounded ones in this outfit (purely a cost decision I guess). So you would have to modify those if you wanted a perfect replica.

Some closeups of the waistcoat and jacket:

The trousers are also of nice quality and quite comfortable, they have a zipper and link closure as well.

Black shirt and red tie are self explanatory, tie has holder for shorter part at the back, so it looks neater

SO, onto pricing, I would be looking for around £70 plus shipping to the UK for this costume, I am however open to offers, feel free to Email or PM me (emai: ) and don't be afraid to haggle, it's your right! Just remember I may haggle back ;P


This is one of Ciel's fancy outfits from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) and one I believe he wears to a ball or some formal do if my memory serves me correctly. Anyway, this is a nice costume, of slighly less quality than the VK one in my opinion that comes with:
-Turquoise waistcoat
-Blue Shorts
-Blue rose hat
-Blue overcoat/formal coat

It has been worn 2-3 times, once to a convention (MCM Expo)and others for trying on.


The costume itself is of quite a nice make, and is fairly true to the anime's outfit design and colours.

The nice design on both the collar, sleeve ends, and bow tie ends:

IMPORTANT NOTE: on one of the bottom sides of the waistcoat, close to the buttons is a small stain, this is not very noticable given the shiny nature of the fabric and the slighly darkened colour of the stain (only a darkened blue-ish) but nevertheless I would consider myself remiss not to mention it

The shorts have a zipper and button combo

ALSO IMPORTANT: The hat, while being a very nice hat, is slightly small for most heads, it is wayyyy too small to wear as a normal hat, but has the annoying aspect of being quite a bit larger than its anime counterpart, so if you wished to wear it then either pinning or securing it to your wig would be your best bet, or have a tiny head

size comparison

PRICING: I would be looking at around £30 for this costume including postage, again Email me at or PM me if you wish to haggle an offer

Over explianing mode: Off
Have a lovely day *dies*

27 Jun 2013 - 14:33104555

Well that was quick xD turns out one of my larp buddies liked the look of it

Night Class uniform still up for grabs

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