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23 Jun 2013 - 20:40104453
Axton from borderlands 2
I'm building an axton cosplay, from the game borderlands 2. The costume itself should be easy (dark green cargo pants, tan shirt, with some fabris paint to make the details, and a few iron on patches, not to mention a backpack.) but im worried about the accessories, ive started work on a vladof spinigun, and a maliwan smg (i was going to post pics, but theyre not on the internet, so they have no url, so i have no clue how to post them.) but i have no clue how to make his class mod, and i have an idea for the shield, but not much of one. Also, does anyone have any ideas for other accessories i will need? And if anyone can tell me how to post my pictures, i will

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24 Jun 2013 - 01:14104458
To post pictures you will need to upload them to a photo sharing site. I generally use image shack or you could use flickr, facebook, deviantart, photobucket or even upload to your CI account and use that link to name but a few options. Once these have been uploaded they will be assigned an URL directly to the photo. With this you click the insert picture icon at the top of forum post section and insert the URL.

When you say "which accessories will I need", I am unsure as to what your asking. I mean you have both guns as massive props and that's awesome. Do you mean other ingame items that you feel are relevant or do you mean aspects of the costume that you should add like the holsters and stuff. As for ingame items it's up to you really. But I would personally spend most of my time working on base cosplay and guns and then depending on time work on adding accessories such as a shield for example. Besides it's also best to think about when you plan to wear this. If you have a photoshoot for example you can have props ahoy! but if your going to be wearing it all day for an event like Expo for example will you really want to be carrying all these accessories all day. Naturally a hotel con is half way house as you can always pop back to the room to rotate props as it were.

Looking forward to seeing your progress

24 Jun 2013 - 01:58104459
Thanks for the advice. And as far as accessories, i want to make this as close to the in game character as possible. With the exception of the turret, there is no way i'm building a life sized turret. As for when and where i'm going to wear it, i'll where it first at ohayocon in january

24 Jun 2013 - 02:07104460
Note, ive added more clay to the smg since the picture was taken so it looks more streamlined.

I was a bit ticked off when i was building the spinigun, because i splurged on a toy gun with a spining barrel piece, but the motor wasnt strong enough for my pvc barrels. Alas, i digress, ive still gotta sand the clay once it dries, and repaint. Thoughts? Ideas? Anything helpful?


Theres a link to the photostream on flickr, i tried, but it still wouldnt let me post them here

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20 Jul 2013 - 03:40105099
Ok, the shield os done, and I'm working on weathering my spinigun, i scrapped the smg because the clay kept cracking and it was just getting too heavy.

I'm thinking about doing the "advanced warfare" skin with the "roguish renegade" head look

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