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21 Jun 2013 - 17:04104374
Looking for Shinigami Com' ... any takers?
For Oct Expo this year ('13) im re-doing my Zaraki Kenpachi Costume and im wanting a decent costume (the prev i bought online basicly...sucked) SO anyone? i pay good dollar!

31 Jul 2013 - 16:03105512
Cosplay commission
I would be willing to do your cosplay, what is the date u have to have it by? We can discuss price and questions over email, or pm me ok! Hope to hear from to soon

01 Aug 2013 - 12:02105555
in need of any props?
i build high quality props so if you looking for swords and such drop me a line at
thats my studio email im there all day every day
you can see some of my builds here http://faustus70.deviantart.com/

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