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22 Feb 2009 - 21:0011007
Critique and help
I've painted my Tobi mask and Handmouths and wondered what you guys think. Handmouth pictures are here: http://www.cosplayisland.com/costume/view/5737
Mask pictures here: http://www.cosplayisland.com/costume/view/5743

(sorry, i still haven't learnt how to do proper links)

And now my question: I thought I had everything figured out but... I don't know how to attach the handmouths to my hands. I wanted to use elastic but I don't know how to attach that to the models. Any suggestions?

23 Feb 2009 - 03:1111018
Ok, first off, they look simply brilliant!

Secondly, I wouldn't normally bother posting a comment that isn't useful, ie, those replies that say "i don't know", why bother replying then?! But, I fear there isn't much you could do! I know for a fact that gluing something like elastic is not going to work, I've tried in the past with hot glue, bostick, loctite and araldite on sculpy. It will not stay on, one end will eventually ping off! Plus I don't know how that stuff holds up if you drill it!

Making them again and building in the holes for the elastic before baking it would be best. If you do I would make them as normal then poke holes in the handmouths using a curved piece of soldering wire so the holes go across the corners.

If it is too much work to make them again I would look at minimising the amount of stress on them, that is, when you attach elastic to them you add stress to 2 concentrated points meaning eventually the glue at one end will no longer hold onto the model. With the mask see if you can glue it onto another mask (the kind you can buy for like £1) so the mask underneath is the one that is holding it to your face. UNfortunately the handmouths I reckon are gonna be harder and I would suggest gloves but I'm assuming he doesn't wear any?

Sorry I couldn't help, I'm sure someone else will have a good suggestion though!

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24 Feb 2009 - 20:2711091
I used a mask as a base along with chopsticks to keep the holes for the elastic open

but with the handmouths it'll be awkward. The stuff I used is air dry and expensive, and they only used a small amount of it. I was thinking of using 'No Nails' ^^;; instead of glue. Would it reduce the stress if the elastic was a little looser?

25 Feb 2009 - 22:2911139
That would depend on how heavy they are. Obviously if they're quite weighty, you're gonna need your elastic tight, in fact I'd imagine even if they're light you can't have your elastic too loose of they might point the wrong way!

I say get your elastic and sew it into a loop and no-more-nails it on, that is as opposed to attaching just the ends to the handmouths, hopefully they'll at least stay attached for a longer period of time! Don't know how well that'll work but you may as well give it a shot cos you've made them now! Good luck!

I'm not anti-social, I just appreciate silence
25 Feb 2009 - 22:4211141
I would say trying to get some skin coloured gloves for the mouths to be stuck on would be a good idea. They'd look better and more "real" then having some elastic band stuck over your hands.

It also ensures that the mouths would still be in the same place and wont be as uncomfortable if you make the elastic too tight.

That's my sense anyway.

The Tobi mask is looking awesome though. X3


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26 Feb 2009 - 11:4511156
I would go with the gloves idea, it's easy enough to make fingerless ones (you could probably get away with just making a thumb hole and 1 big hole for the fingers) Which will allow the weight to be distributed all the way round the hand.

You *could* try velcro and no more nails. stitch one side of the velcro to the gloves and stick the other to the hands (you would need as heavy duty velcro as you can get) this will mean you can wash the gloves! also meaning you can take the handmouths off when you're trying to eat etc!!!

Try varnishing the handmouths first as it will stop them being quite so porus and make them easier to stick to stuff. (I always find superglues like shiny surfaces better)

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26 Feb 2009 - 12:4711159
Those little mouths are great! Have you weighed them by chance? How heavy are they? If your hands are clean and you're very careful, if they're light you could probably get away with a very strong toupee or tit tape which would look pleasantly natural but if they're wuite weighty then the glove idea is probably your best bet. For gluing to a fabric, you'll need to put another fabric such as an interfacer behind the gloves so that the glue isn't just sticking to something stretchy (glue and stretchy don't like to go together in my experience!)... Another way you could do it I've seen is a sort of "Walter C Dormez" method, which looked okay as it was done with either clear nylon threads or flesh coloured threads (I forget which), and they had made loops to put the middle finger and the wrist through (wrist loop on the bottom, finger loop on the top). I know that you don't know how to attach the elastic, but the polymer clays I've used all hold up very well under a small manual drill, so tiny hols could be made to thread the elastic through in a jewellery fashion... I wouldn't be too sure about drilling through the entire thing from side to side for a full hand loop though- I'd be reluctant to try it as it will be very heavy concentrated in one place. Any way you do it, I suggest achoring it and keeping it in place with some very strong double sided body tape of some kind ^^

xx Tetra xx
06 Mar 2009 - 19:5611423
Oooh they're looking awesomesauce ^^

If the mouths aren't too heavy I would suggest trying spirit gum ^^ It works wonders, very strong but not too hard to remove at the end of the day. It can hold fimo shapes and stuff to skin so it might be worth a try

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12 Mar 2009 - 02:2511584
First off, thank you for all the kind comments ^-^ they made me really happy considering i'm still a newbie with props/cosplay.
Secondly, can you recommened a decent strong glue? I don't want to use no nails because it'll make a mess x_x
Basically, I've sewn the elastic in a loop but so it's not too tight or too loose, all I need to do now is glue it. I was thinking of using normal household superglue but i'm a little concerned about it seeping through the elastic after it's applied. And i'm not sure how to keep the elastic inplace until the glue has dried.

Any suggestions are good :3 Thanks! <3

13 Mar 2009 - 11:5311678
epoxy glue maybe? would be better than standard superglue and can be bought from any diy store (and my local poundland bizzarly!)

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