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20 Jun 2013 - 14:44104307
So I've noticted a few things with people on this website recently....
(sorry accidentally put this in wrong part of the forum)

Has anyone noticed that there is a few people just making accounts just to reject someones idea or state their views which they believe to be fact?

I first started noticing this when I made a thread about making a picnic at Ayacon and someone went out of their way to create an account just to say "are you sure it's worth your time and money". If you read the thread it clearly said it would be team work between everyone there. I went onto their profile to check it out and saw that they had no cosplay related things on their page. I then noticed they had left one other comment on a thread. If i remember correctly the thread was about getting help for dying clothes. This person then commented with something about shoulder pads.

Another one I noticed was the thread left by an Asain and westerner cosplays and they had only posted two comments which were both in that thread.

I have also noticed one I read just telling people how to cosplay right. No questions just stating how it should be done. Like you have to think about whether or not you suit the character and you have to make it well. and that is all they said.

I would like to see whether or not someone else has noticed this, or just me?


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20 Jun 2013 - 15:23104318
Most are spam marketing posts dressed up to look like legitimate posts.

Look for links to sales sites in the body of the message or in hte sig. A few are really sneaky and make a few normal-looking posts first to try to disguise what they are doing.

20 Jun 2013 - 15:26104319
Yeah, if you see posts like that, just hit the report button and they'll get cleaned up.

20 Jun 2013 - 16:15104322
I never see any links and that's why it always confuses me plus they never post again. Odd.


20 Jun 2013 - 16:40104326
I saw that, it was definitely a spammer. They comment on other people's threads to make them look more like legitimate users.

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