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24 Jun 2013 - 13:48104488
I've already done this, and I did think it was going to be a total bummer but actually I ended up having a lot of fun doing it because it was part of a small group.

The character in question is Iori from Idolm@ster, she's spoiled, snobby and generally really annoying, but it was suggested that we cosplay the unit she's part of as a threesome and the other two girls in our group really liked the remaining two characters - I just fit in naturally, physically as Iori. So whereas I may not be an actual spoilt cow we ended up resembling the trio really well.
Out of the three Iori's costume was the one I liked the most so it kinda worked out! It's probably not something I'd make a habit of since I generally cosplay the characters I -really- love.

26 Jun 2013 - 05:38104526
I have considered cosplaying as a character I'm not fond in the past. I really liked her character design and loved the idea of the challenge of some of her costumes (they are quite elaborate. I then dated someone who did that character so I dropped her from my plans so that we wouldn't end up cosplaying as the same person. I'm no longer with that person so have been thinking about bringing the plans back as I have grown to like the character especially the manga version.

I do have a lot of other plans from the same series so I've decided to keep it off the planned list for now. Maybe in the future if I have a space. I might look into it again.

I don't think I would cosplay a character I really hated. I wouldn't see the point. I couldn't see myself wearing that costume often which to me is a waste of time and budget. I tend to choose cosplays that I know I'll wear more than once. I think the only way I would cosplay someone I hated is if it was part of a group and I didn't make the costume. Say, if a group of friends wanted to do a group and needed a particular character. If I happened to be free then I might be up for it to help them out.

26 Jun 2013 - 12:11104528
I've done it and I plan to again xD

I really really dislike Aeris, but I just fell in love with her hair (strange I know xD) so I cosplayed her and it was one of my most enjoyable cosplays ever!


26 Jun 2013 - 22:27104542
I honestly couldn't see the point in cosplaying a character I didn't like XD There's no joy in it personally.

28 Jun 2013 - 01:48104562
My own opinion... Is Yes but no? XD

I love cosplaying as Kneesocks from the anime Panty & Stocking... But I really hate the anime. Although I forced myself to go through all the episodes to be sure to play well as Kneesocks. I hate the main characters (Panty and Stocking themselves). So it's kinda why I love to cosplay Kneesocks, since she's from the baddies!
(But I still love being with PSWG groups! <3)

It's not a direct answer to the thread question but I just thought I'd share that XD

28 Jun 2013 - 07:30104563
Quote Akwa:
It's not a direct answer to the thread question but I just thought I'd share that XD

It's all good. I'm surprised at the variety of opinion, so keep it coming everyone

Also, I think the joke with PaSwG is that the protaganists are horrible people who don't deserve to win, but as they're the "good guys" they always do. Whereas Scanty and Kneesocks, put in the time, come up with great plans, and really try, but fail every time just because they are the "baddies". (Kneesocks is my favourite too!)

28 Jun 2013 - 13:24104567
I couldn't. I couldn't cosplay someone I don't stand as I don't undertand how I could feel comfortable BEING that person all day.

CosplayIsland Staff Member

28 Jun 2013 - 14:18104568
I couldn't cosplay someone I didn't like no matter what the design was like.

I am willing to do the opposite though (cosplaying a character I love who wears something I hate)

28 Jun 2013 - 17:47104573
No. Never. Because I wouldn't have the motivation to make it and it wouldn't be any fun! ^^;

29 Jun 2013 - 01:12104575
As above, No. Unless i've read book/played game/watched film I would struggle to get the motivation do cosplay a character.

29 Jun 2013 - 10:36104578
HEck no. THats like dressing up in clothes I dislike. Sort of

29 Jun 2013 - 19:11104581
I would say it would depend on the context. Personally, I think it's worse to do a character you know nothing about as I have done before because you get people saying things to you that go way over your head. It's like being with a group of friends who keep referencing a private joke that you aren't aware of I guess.
But when it came to a character I actively despise... I'd possibly do it to fill a gap for a group of friends. If I was to do it I'd also probably do it in some form of parody of that character, like a piss take costume or something. It could be kinda fun to take everything you hate about a character and amplify it in mockery.

29 Jun 2013 - 21:58104589
Cosplay to me is ALL about character, I can't even comprehend cosplaying a character I hate...let alone sit down and put time and money into making the costume! My love for the characters I pick is a strong motivation for me so this is a clear no!

02 Jul 2013 - 21:06104667
Oh absolutely!

I've wanted to cosplay Relena from Gundam Wing for years, I loathe her. I think hating Relena would help me cosplay her, especially for photo shoots because I know which character traits I despise... trying to pin down what you like is harder!

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