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18 Jun 2013 - 23:50104232
Cosplay Group? North Wales? or Liverpool?
Hi, I'm looking to join a cosplay group, I have had a keen interest in cosplay for a long time, but have never really got to cosplay as my friends don't really have an interest in sewing or making costumes

I consider myself a beginner (noob ) I have only recently started to learn to hand sew, by making keyrings out of felt, but I have found I really enjoy it

I have yet to conquer the sewing machine, as I don't own one myself but will be borrowing one soon

What I really want is to join a group that meets regularly, to make new friends, encourage and help each other complete costumes, and work towards a goal of a convention. Also it would be really cool to have a group work towards a theme like for example: Super Smash bros characters

I just wondered if there is anything like this in the North Wales area mainly (This is where my home is), or if not the Liverpool area (this is where I go to university ).

I did look it up and there was one in the north wales area, but doesn't seem to be active

If anyone knows of one, I would be very grateful

Thanks x

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