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18 Jun 2013 - 12:01104189
Selling Epona Quadsuit
Would anyone be interested in buying my Epona Quadsuit? I can take payments in instalments with a none refundable deposit. While waiting for payment i will happily fix up her hoof wich i noticed had chipped thanks to expo xD

Less you wanna fix her up then we can reduce the price XD Postage will be expensive as she comes with A REAL horse saddle. (si if you have a real horse you can turn them into Epona XD)
I am hoping for around £750 (WILL LOOK INTO SERIOUS OFFERS) plus postage to be discussed but i couldn't quote less i went to the post office with it ready to send.

Selling as I don't see myself being Epona ever again I loved being her but meh XD
I need the money for.......being an adult and stuff xD
More photos can be found here


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