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10 Jun 2013 - 14:40103915
What's the etiquette on commission quotations?
So I'm interested in pricing up for a custom made leatherette jacket, but it is fairly involved with a large, unusual furred collar and a shaped hem.

However I won't want the item for at least a couple of months as I'm still saving up the cash. What's the kind of time frame that is polite to leave costumer creators for acquiring materials and whatnot? Is there generally a deposit option or what?

Putting this in general chat as opposed to market place as would be interested in opinions and not really ready to quote yet.

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10 Jun 2013 - 14:50103917
The vast majority of commissioners will ask for the money to cover the materials upfront. Some may ask for a deposit as well, that's something that's very personal to the commissioner and usually depends on if they've had a problem with non-paying customers in the past. Most of them will not ask for the full amount upfront but will want the remainder of the money when the commission is complete, partly because it's only then that they will know exactly how much time it's taken them and how much of a charge for time is required (this can be more or less than the original quote depending on how construction went, but any commissioner worth their salt will let you know if there's likely to be a price change and ask whether you're OK with it).

It is personal to each commissioner, though, depending on their past experiences. The best thing to do is find someone whose work you like and contact them, asking what their general rates and payment conditions are.

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