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10 Jun 2013 - 10:58103901
Any good websites for cloak design help?
Well, my idea for a cloak is very specific. I've done the draped part of the cloak (which is pretty much the whole thing!) But I want to make a separate shoulder area where the runched cloak is attached to. I was thinking about making that two simple shoulder parts at the front of the body and two at the back, covering a small part of my upper back and the rest of my shoulders.

I hope this description is follow-able? =p

If anyone has ANY ideas or information that could be of use to me for this project I would be EXTREMELY grateful!

So far I have a nice basic video that explains a hooded cloak, it's just the shoulder part I need help with! (and any ideas/images for possible designs would be good? My basic design is OK but if anyone knows of anything amazing I'd love to see!)

Cheers very much! And sorry for the long post! (I'll post a picture of my design if no one understands what I'm going for)

10 Jun 2013 - 14:20103913
So you want a kind of cloak with a cassock-style shoulder area? I would follow this kind of thing, but do your shoulder areas as a kind of circle skirt.


I used that tut for Sif and had no idea even what it meant to baste fabric but I was surprised at how well even the heavy wool I used hung afterwards.

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