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10 Jun 2013 - 10:31103897
Well hello there everyone ^^
Hey! So, I'm trying out my first ever cosplay project, and I figured where better to go than a good ol' forum for some advice, inspiration and friends

So I live in London and I'm off to the London Film and Comic Con next month, dressing up as Daenerys. Yep, I love GoT and also I have the same colour hair as her anyway so I figured it would be a good base costume since I wouldn't have to buy a wig =p

I also love anime, and my biggest dream project would probably be one of Sakura's outfits (Sakura Card Captors!)

So yus, hello! Will be nice to meet you all! Please, welcome my noobishness with open arms! I swear I'm quite pleasant past all the newbie business!

10 Jun 2013 - 10:52103899
Welcome! You've come to the right place

Don't worry about newbishness, we all start somewhere (and I still class myself as a beginner). Jump and in start contributing! Or have a snoop through the costumes here. There's some very talented people here!

My one bit of advice for the forums is using helpful titles when creating a thread.

"Help please!" or "How do I make Sakura?" won't get many good replies. But "Where can I find a tutorial on facepaint?" or "what materials are best for making Halo ODST armour?" will help you get the advice you need.


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10 Jun 2013 - 10:55103900
Oh thank you very much I was just thinking about posting a help thread for the cape I'm making. It's OC Danny (probably a mistake, but a much easier project for my minor sewing skills) and I wanted to make a pretty badass cloak of sorts. I shall keep in mind your advice ^^

20 Jun 2013 - 14:48104311
Welcome! It's great to see you found a Character already! I know the feeling when you find a character with the same hair colour/style as your own! It's a great feeling!
I can't wait to see your future cosplays

When you start fresh, Remember not to make the same mistakes again! ~
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