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17 Feb 2009 - 20:0210870
Mega 64
I recently found this group on youtube and I have to say, it's some of the funniest stuff i've ever seen.
This particular link is from Resident Evil 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oXx0qwe0wc&feature=channel

Just thought it'd be a bit of a laugh to share, and I guess they're kinda cosplaying too so thought it might intrest some people. ^__^


17 Feb 2009 - 20:1410871

I /love/ Mega 64 and they need to be spread like wildfire!

You seen the FFXII one? Lmao that dude in the carpark, he was like, "YOU GET NEAR MY KIDS, I'LL ___ YOU"

Katsu no wa Hyotei~♥
17 Feb 2009 - 20:2410872
Yeah their awesome I found their you tube today.

LOL! Yeah that was one of my favourites, rofl, geez these guys have balls. xD


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