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06 Jun 2013 - 18:33103732
New Cosplayer needs some help
Hey guys and girls, been looking around the internet for a while.
I'm wanting to build a Halo ODST Cosplay Armour set
Ref - http://obsoletegamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/ODST_cosplayer_by_Shadow_Twilight_16.jpg

And I've read alot about need EVA Foam, or Polyethylene Foam, etc.

I can't find anywhere UK based that's selling them large enough really.

I wanted to know, if this site: http://www.anyfoam.co.uk/

Sounds like a good bet?
They say for making costumes to go for Soft Foam? However I don't want it to end up being so soft that it just squishes up and holds no real shape.

I was thinking either the medium or hard foam?
Although they also have the closed cell foam, which looks a lot more like the stuff I've been trying to find?

07 Jun 2013 - 20:58103800
Hey, generally when people talk about EVA foam it's usually EVA foam tiles.

That site actually looks pretty good. I can't remember if EVA foam is closed cell or open cell but that closed cell stuff looks like plastazote but might not be.

There is also a Halo facebook group if you're interested, at least one of the guys on there have made Halo armour out of those tiles above(infact the founder). They are quite dense and so hold their shape perfectly.

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